The Bachelors

All the boys have been single for a while and are looking for somebody who loves them for them. What will happen when you have 40 girls fighting over 5 boys???


2. Celebrity Bachelor

I woke up to Live While Were Young was playing. I shut it off and realized today was the day for the Bachelor. I was so excited because almost all my friends were also on the show. About half of the girls going were my friends so I was super excited. We were going to meet at Starbucks in an hour so I needed to hurry and get ready. I showered and everything and finished just in time. I grabbed all my bags and said goodbye to my parents before meeting my girls at Starbucks. When I got there they were all waiting on me and my bestest friend ever, Paige was holding an extra cotton candy frappuccino for me. I thanked her and we all headed to the airport to get on our flight to L.A. I was sitting next to Paige and Anna when we arrived. We all walked off the plane together and saw where we had to meet. Once we got there we saw the producer/director Sophie and she told us we were the last to arrive and that we were going to be getting ready here so we could go ahead to the airport bathrooms to get ready. I looked around while she was talking and realized I knew every girl here and that we all went to school together. I also saw the group of popular girls who were always bitchy and mean to everyone so I knew we were in for some drama. As the witches ran toward the bathroom with the other girls that I wasn't really friends with but knew my friends and I decided to go get some lunch at the Bojangles right across from us. When we were finished we finally went to get ready. When we got in there all the other girls were gossiping about how they needed to get their fake tans done again. So we walked in and in an hour all of the girls were done and in gorgeous dresses. We all got into two different limos and you can probably guess who all got in which limo. So on the way there we were all singing One Direction songs at the top of our lungs and completely off tune while laughing. When we got there we stepped out one bye one and after about fifteen girls I went out and my jaw dropped when I saw the five boys of One Direction standing in front of me. They all said hi and that I looked lovely but Liam said I looked absolutely stunning. I said thank you to all of them and met the other girls inside. When I got there I saw my fifteen friends sitting and talking while the other witches were standing glaring at my friends. I walked over and talked with my friends until the boys came in and said hi and that they were looking forward to getting to know us!

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