Everything has changed

Danika's a singer
The bad boy's also a singer
What will happen when their two world collide?


3. school

Danika p.o.v

When I woke at 6:15 I got undressed and got into the shower. While I was in the shower I shaved my legs and under arms washed my hair brushed my teeth and washed up. When I got out it was about 6:30.

When I got out I put on my blue mini shirt and and a black shirt that said diva written in silver and I stuck on my black pump.

When I finished doing my make up it was about 7:20. I had no problem cuz I had my driver drive my to school. When I walked in no one minded me . At school I was normal. Not any famous superstar.

By the time class started it was 8:30 I was in first period social studies. Our teacher was cool. Then one of the most popular boys came into the class. John. He was dreamy. He had abs. He had hair like Justin Bieber. If you would say he had swag.

By now it was time to go to home room. We were there for almost two hours .

• a few hours later •

Now it's lunch

I sit with the few friends I do have. They pretty cool. I get to get my lunch early so I can go practice with my vocal coach. After lunch I don't come back to school cuz I can have my friends drop my homework off at my flat.

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