Everything has changed

Danika's a singer
The bad boy's also a singer
What will happen when their two world collide?


4. new kid aka bad boy ?

So the next day I come to school there's this new kid named Justin Bieber. Everyone knows about him except for me. They all say he's a bad boy.

I was like oh well who cares. I don't judge people before I meet them. So in social studies he say next to to me. He gave this feeling that I liked.

We sat together in every class. We became really good friends.

Danika: So what do you like to do? What are you good at ?

Justin: well I'm a singer I dance I like to play video games. That's just a few of many things I like to do. How about you?

Danika: well I'm also a singer but I'm famous. My fans call me dani or diva. I call my fans divas. I love to shop . That's pretty much all.

Justin: oh yea I have heard of you . I like you as a fan.

So as time went on me and Justin started talking. He even comes to practice with me.

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