Everything has changed

Danika's a singer
The bad boy's also a singer
What will happen when their two world collide?


5. feelings

Justin's P O V

So I have to admit Danika is great. She's that type of bubbly but serious. Tonight I'm thinking about asking her to go to my friend's party as my date. I'm hoping she says yes.

Justin: hey dani

Danika: hey Justin.

Justin: so I got invited to a party tonight I was wondering if you wanted to go with me as my date ? If not we can just go as friends.

Danika: I'll go with you as your date I would love to!

Justin: ok that's great just meet me at the address I'll text it to you and the time you should be ready by.

Danika: kk later.

Oh my god that went so well I was for sure that she was gonna say no. Now I have to text Danika the address and time .

To : danika

Meet me at 22 Beverly Hills lane it's a big house be there by 9. Txt me wen you r out front


Later on that night I had to get ready. It was about 8:30 when I got into the shower cuz I wanted to make sure I smelled fresh for Danika.

When I got out I had received a text from Danika.

To: jb

Kk I'll be ready before 9. It's not that far away from my house.

X~ Danika

Ok so now it was 8:45 and I'm dressed I smell good and I wanna get my wallet and phone.

Now I'm outta this place.

By 9:00 I was there. I had my driver drive me. When I got there I got a text from Danika saying that she was outside. So I started to walk out with two cups in my hand filled with liquor.

Danika: give me a cup.

Justin: why do you think I brought it out.

We walked in and the party was going crazy. People were already drunk and kissing up on the wall. Danika and I started dancing. We both got drunk as ever so we went back to my place.

When we finally arrived at my place I took her up to my room.

--------------------------------------------------------Tell me what you think should I continue give me some ideas on what you thinks gonna happen.

Xoxo~ dani

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