1. Last day

Molly's POV

Hi my name is Molly I'm 17 and I'm in an adoption center I have to wake all the girls up for breakfast at 9 o'clock then I go back to bed except for when one morning I walked down stairs with them and stood above my little sister who was 7 her name was Lilly I stood above her and played with her thin brown hair we were put up for adoption when she was 11 months old and I was barley pushing ten my dad killed my mum and grand mum and threatened to rape me and run over Lilly I called 911 that night and he was arrested at 12:30 am me and Lilly were put up for adoption the next day Lilly has grown up with me like her mum but she knows what happened she calls me Molls and her nick name is bear any how I woke up the girls and walked down stairs and stood over her I stole some of her oat meal but she didn't care when mrs smith walked in "Molly and little sister you have been adopted" she said Lilly laughed "did she really just refer to me as little sister when I have been here like forever" every one looked at he and I laughed " I guess so but we are gone so it doesn't matter" I told her then mrs smith snooted "Eleanor Calder will be here in 45 min be ready to leave and any thing left Behring becomes cat litter" I picked up Lilly and put her on my hip I ran upstairs I grabbed her and my suit cases and packed every thing except dot the comforted and sheets we didn't even make the bed I went to the bath room and Lilly followed "who is elenaur Calder?" She asked me "where the hel- heck did you here that name?" I asked not saying hell because she is only 7 "that's the lady who adopted us" she said back to me I just looked at her with a blank stair "elenaur Calder is Louis tomplensons girlfriend from one direction" I told her then I sat her on the counter and curled her hair and put on a little make up like blush and lipstick then I did mine only I streightened my hair then we had to leave I grabbed all 5 of our suit cases and walked down stairs "god dam- goodnes Lilly you could help me" she grabbed two suit cases and we walk down stairs I saw all the girls going crazy but when she saw us she pushed pass then "hi I'm Eleanor and this is my boyfriend lou-" she said when Lilly cut her off " holy cow your Louis tomplenson" she said "yea like I said this is my boyfriend Louis" she said we left the orphanage and it was amazing that I was out of there

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