thin line to walk

a girl whose stories untold and untrue. left to fight a battle between me and you one nemesis two villains. No hero. no end


2. stars

The stars of old

and stories told

consent comfort 

but their light is cold and dim

to those who will not look within


Shapeshifters point of view

I woke up in the middle of the night and walked to the window. The night stars looked down at me with pity. I swung my legs over the the ledge and sat in the cool night shakily I stood. I searched the sky for my favorite star a little red dwarf. I found it a gazed a it. I closed my for a long moment and let some tears escape them. I opened them to look for reassurance in the little red star. Instead as I looked at it it exploded. I stepped back and hit my back against the stone wall. It created a snowflake shaped supernova then faded out completely. I shuddered. And sagged against the wall strangely drained. I let my tears run free. I put my hands in my lap. My hands have snow white skin. But if I look closely I can see they are stain red. I sigh and bury my face in my hands. I can smell the blood and its over powering. I don't even know why I'm fighting with the white wolf its not like I have a conflict with him. All I know is one day we started fighting. And now if I want to stay alive I have to fight. I think of my sister. A little girl she was my joy then she ran away, when my fights with the white wolf started. The were mostly verbal at that point. No were near the mass destruction that happens every time we fight now. Maybe that's why I'm fighting to get my sister back. I rose and placed my hands on the wall. They looked blood red I almost stepped back, but remembered just in time not to take a 3 story drop to the ground. I shook my head and looked again they were the color of the crescent moon again. It was just a trick of the light I told my self. And started the long climb up to the 8 floor. When I got to the top I morphed into a black dragon. and took fight to the nearby forest. I landed on a solid oak tree and shifted back into a human. I sighed again. The stars had always been there when everything else changed the stayed the same they were the only consent comfort in my life. Now the only thing consent was the battle certainly wasn't comforting. I leaned against the tree trunk and watched the stars until I was to tired. Then I changed into a cat and crept in to a hollow in the tree. The smells, and sounds of the forest, along with  the cushion of leaves under my body slowly lulled me to sleep. 

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