Forever & Always (Series 2 Of "The New Teacher"

Hey Guys! So This Is One Of The Stories Ive Been Working On! It I Going To Be A Continuation Of "The New Teacher"!! Im Really Excited To Write This One! Ive Got A Lot Of Messages And Comments To Write A Continuation For The Story So Here It Is! Like The Last Story, It Is Going To Have Language And Some "Intimate" Moments, So Be Aware!

Hope You Enjoy It~<3



1. Tour

*Mackenzie's P.O.V.*
"Babe, we we going to be late!" I announced to Niall as he was finishing up packing.
"Hahah they can't leave without me. Im part of the band! Gosh I love you!" Niall said as he walked towards me and kissed my lips softly. 
"Haha right! Im just not use to getting ready for tour!" -Mackenzie
"Its fine, you're doing perfect!" He reassured me. As i was bending down to pick up my bag, Niall ran over and slapped my but, hard. 
"Hey you jerk!" I said playing with him. He gave a cheeky smile and squatted down to put the last things in his bag. I decided to runn and jump on his back. As i did, he toppled over and i was on top. 
"Karmas a bitch!" I told him as i pinned his hands behind his head and kissed him roughly.
"I would prefer this kind of payback more often!" He said as he broke my grasp and rolled on top of me. He was leaning for a kiss but as we were inches apart i moved my head. He gave me a devilish look and kissed me again, this time he held my head in place and locked lips with mine. 
"You're the best thing that ever happend to me!" We both said as we looked deeply into eachothers eyes. We both got up and zipped our bags up and waited for the rest of the guys to come. 

{45 Minutes Later}

"BEEP BEEEPPPP!!!!", we heard from outside. Knowing that it was the bus, we got all our stuff and headed outside. 
"MACKENZIEEEEEEE!!!!!!" All the boys yelled as soon as they saw me. 
ZAYN, LOUIS, HARRY, LIAM!!" I yelled back to them. The all came running to me and gave me the biggest bear hug ive ever been in. While they were hugging me, i noticed Harry looked really upset. Pulling Harry aside, I asked what was wrong.
"I divorced Serena." He said as he looked down. I expected that. Serena and I arnt friends anymore because she betrayed me, so i dont know what happened. Asking Harry why, He replied saying "We just wernt ment to be." Accepting his answer we all made our way to the bus and were on our way to the road. 


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