Forever & Always (Series 2 Of "The New Teacher"

Hey Guys! So This Is One Of The Stories Ive Been Working On! It I Going To Be A Continuation Of "The New Teacher"!! Im Really Excited To Write This One! Ive Got A Lot Of Messages And Comments To Write A Continuation For The Story So Here It Is! Like The Last Story, It Is Going To Have Language And Some "Intimate" Moments, So Be Aware!

Hope You Enjoy It~<3



2. This Is Going To Be Great!

{On The Road}

*Mackenzie's P.O.V.*
As we were slowly driving along the bumpy road i got a text from one of my best friends Kaity. 
-From Kaity:
Heey girl, whats up?
-From Mackenzie:
Nothing hanging with Niall and the guys wbu?
-From Kaity:
Where y'all going?
-From Mackenzie: 
Im going on tour with them!
-From Kaity:
Omg i should so come! Lool please?!
I got up from y seat and walked over to Niall who was in the big bed room laying on the bed on the computer.  "I should sneak up on him!" I thought to myself. Confirming that i was going to do that, i tip toed towards him and jumped on him, sitting on his butt and hugging his back.
"Well hey there tiger" He said with a silent growl.
"Hey little kitty cat. So...uhh... I was wondering if Kaity could come with us on tour?" Looking at him with a puppy dog face i knew he couldn't resist. He Let out a slight "Sigh" and agreed. Excited i locked lips with his and we just laid there, kissing, loving every moment of it. When we released i went back to texting Kaity while laying on Niall like a fluffy pillow. 
-From Mackenzie:
Hey good news, you can come with us!
-From Kaity: 
Omg yayy!! Ill see you guys soon! Btw, is Harry single?
And with that i let out a small giggle. 
-From Mackenzie: 
Hhah Yes, Yes He Is!
-From Kaity:
Lool good. Hes mine!
-From Mackenzie:
Hhaha im good with my Niall;)

{9 Minutes Later}

We were on Kaity's driveway, waiting for her to come out. Suddenly she comes out with 3 full suitcases. 
"What on earth does she have in there, a zoo?" Louis said as he laughed along with Zayn.
"Hey Harry why dont you go help her?" I Said nudging him.

*Harry's P.O.V.*
"Hey Harry why don't you go help her?" Mackenzie said as she nudged me towards the door. I didn't get a good look of Kaity, but as soon as i stepped out of the bus to help her, i couldn't believe my eyes. She was flawless. As rude as it is i have to say more flawless then the other girl (Serena). I began to slightly run towards her. As i was running i accidentally tripped over a rock. "Shit" I thought to myself as i looked up to see Kaity giggling. Im pretty sure it was a cheeky giggle though. 
"Can i help you with those?" I Asked.

*Kaity's P.O.V.*
"Can i help you with those" Harry asked as he got up and dusted himself off from when he fell. 
"Uh.. Y...Yes.." I Stuttered saying. I was distracted by his bright green eyes making contact with mine. He grabbed all my bags without a struggle. 
"Wow you're strong" I Said.
"Wow thank you, i workout for beautiful girls like yourself!" He said as he winked at me. Gushing over him even more, he placed my bags in the bus and i found Mackenzie sitting next to Niall. Walking towards her to sit beside er i was pulled away by someone. Looking back i say Harry holding my hand and pulling me towards him. Tripping on his foot i landed right on his lap. 
"Ouch!" He immediately said as i landed on his package. 
"Oh my gosh im so sorry Harry!" I said as i got up. I Was stopped by him pulling me back into his lap.
"Its ok, i like a little rough sometimes." he said as he kissed my cheek in a way that just made we die inside. Looking at Mackenzie i could tell we were both thinking the same thing, " This is going to great!"



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