Forever & Always (Series 2 Of "The New Teacher"

Hey Guys! So This Is One Of The Stories Ive Been Working On! It I Going To Be A Continuation Of "The New Teacher"!! Im Really Excited To Write This One! Ive Got A Lot Of Messages And Comments To Write A Continuation For The Story So Here It Is! Like The Last Story, It Is Going To Have Language And Some "Intimate" Moments, So Be Aware!

Hope You Enjoy It~<3



11. NOT NOW!

*Liam's P.O.V.*
I couldnt help holding it in anymore! I needed to tell her i like her. But i dont just like her, i.. I love her! But I couldnt. It would destory everything! My friendship with both Mackenzie and Niall. Their relationship. The band. I couldnt let that happen. But i wanted to give her clues. So when everyone gathered their food and made their way to the couch, Mackenzie and I got out food. She's perfect. She cooked food for EVERYONE, not just Harry that asked for them. 
"You are so perfect" I said to her as i placed my lips on her cheek and walked to the couch with my food. As i was walking, i saw Niall. "Shit" I thought to myself. His stare made me feel guilty. The feeling ik should get. Then, I got nervous as Niall stood up, his fist clenched. Then the door bell rang. 
"I GOT IT!" Kaity yelled as she passed me and Niall. The rest of the boys turned and saw what was happening with me and Niall. Niall looked at each of them; Zayn, Harry, and Louis. He unclenched his fist and walked past me in an unforgiven way. He passed Mackenzie and looked at her as he was walking past her. He wasnt mad at her, but he still didnt say anything and made his way into his bedroom. Mackenzie ran after him, roughly dropping her plate and giving me a stern look as she ran. What did I just do?

*Tianna's P.O.V*
As Samie and I pulled up to the address Mackenzie gave us, another car pulled up behind us. As we got out we noticed something strange. The car was a limo, a short limo. As we heard the loud "click" from us closing the car doors. We acted like nothing was wrong, thinking it was just one of the boys limos, and walked to the front door. As we got there Samie gasped. The door was probably about 10 feet high.
"Who is tall en-" Samie started but was cut off but someone.
"Enough to go through there? Yeah i had the same reaction" a teenage boy with flippy brown hair and the prettiest eyes said as he looked at Samie.
"Oh my God!" Samie said as she recognized him, "You're Austin Mahone!" 
"In the flesh! Can i ask who you two are?" Austin said as he locked his eyes with Samie. Her face looked like a kid in a candy store.
"Well I..Im S...Samie and th...this is Tianna" She said as she pointed at me with her hand.
"Very nice to meet you, Samie and Tianna" He replied as he took both of our hands and place a gentle kiss on them. Just then the door flew open and Kaity stood in front of the entrance. 
"Oh my God! Samie and Tianna! What are you doing here?!" She announced as she gave us a hug. She looked between us when she saw Austin. 
"Austin! What are you doing here?" She said as she walked past us and embraced Austin which he then embraced her back. 
"Kaity! Its so good to see you again!" He said. Again? What does he mean by "again"?
"Uh sorry to interrupt" I began, "But how do you guys know each other?" 
"Kaity was my best friend in elementary school" Austin said as he nudged Kaity. 
"'Was' I still am! No matter what you say!" Kaity said as she nudged him harder making him loose his balance. 
"Anyways, Lets go inside everyone. Mackenzie made tacos so help yourself." Kaity said as she practically dragged us all in the house. Something was strange. When Kaity said "Mackenzie" Austin's face dropped. It was obvious why he came her. Mackenzie. When we walked in, i saw Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Liam was my favorite out of them all. He is just Perfect! But he was upset about something. I couldn't tell. 
"Ill go get Mackenzie, Y'all wait here." Kaity said as she walked away to a door that was shut. She knocked on it when a familiar Irish voice shouted. 
"Not now!" It sounded like they were crying
"Niall and Mackenzie, we have guests" Kaity said while pounding on the door in a sort of beat.
"NOT NOW!" Two voices yelled. I could tell one was Mackenzie's. Looking At Samie And Austin, i could tell we were all thinking the same thing. What was going on?

- 1D_Lover454

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