Forever & Always (Series 2 Of "The New Teacher"

Hey Guys! So This Is One Of The Stories Ive Been Working On! It I Going To Be A Continuation Of "The New Teacher"!! Im Really Excited To Write This One! Ive Got A Lot Of Messages And Comments To Write A Continuation For The Story So Here It Is! Like The Last Story, It Is Going To Have Language And Some "Intimate" Moments, So Be Aware!

Hope You Enjoy It~<3



3. Nandos Again?!

*Mackenzie's P.O.V.*

"STOP!" We all hear Niall yell in the background. 
"Damn Niall, what now" Zayn says as he gives an annoyed look in Nialls direction.
"Zayn, don't be mean" I Say. 
I feel like the mom on the bus, controlling everyone and putting them in their right place. I kinda like it! 
"Ugh but Mackenzie, he's just yelling for Nandos again! Like he does every time we pass by it." Zayn replies with a more stern look.
"You already know that Niall has a Nandos obsession, we don't want to let anyone know what your obsession is now do we?" I say as I look at Zayn, knowing what he's thinking "Oh Please Don't"
"Thanks babe" Niall says as he walks over to be and kisses my forehead as he plops himself down beside me. 
"Oh Kevin, I know you want to stay up but its time for your nap. Go on now" Louis says as he takes Kevin and puts it in a baby crib.
Looking over at Kaity, we both laugh hysterically. As the bus slowly turns into the parking lot of Nandos we all manage to pile out of the bus and make our way to the front door. Holding open the door for everyone, Niall waits next to me and connects his fingers with mine as we walk in together. Looking over at him, his face is lit up like a kid in a candy store. As my stomach growls, we make our way through the line and order our food. 
"Mhmm it smells so good!" Niall says as he violently devours his food. 
Giggling at the sight, my eyes catch Kaity and Harry feeding each other. I can see how happy he is with her. I'm glad he broke up with Serena! 
As we all finished our food, we walked out and back onto the bus, and continued our way. 

            - 1D_Lover454

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