Forever & Always (Series 2 Of "The New Teacher"

Hey Guys! So This Is One Of The Stories Ive Been Working On! It I Going To Be A Continuation Of "The New Teacher"!! Im Really Excited To Write This One! Ive Got A Lot Of Messages And Comments To Write A Continuation For The Story So Here It Is! Like The Last Story, It Is Going To Have Language And Some "Intimate" Moments, So Be Aware!

Hope You Enjoy It~<3



5. Just A Little Further

*Alex's P.O.V.*
I'm finally here. Finally going to do what i came for. As i showed the man at the front my ticket for the show, he moved his hand, signaling me to go in. Walking around, looking at ever exit I sneaked my way back stage. As there were people walking back and forth preparing for the concert, I saw her. Saw her walking with them, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, And Liam. Suddenly they looked right in my direction. I quickly ran behind a speaker as the passed me. Looking at every movement they make I noticed Mackenzie and Liam stopped. Focusing on their lips, i tried to find out what they were saying. She was explain why she was upset. Then i saw her lips move in a way that i saw before. When she said it. Said my name. That bitch was telling everyone what happened. I'm done with her! She's done! Liam and her then hugged and continued walking to catch up with the rest of the members. 

{The Boys Are Preforming}

In the back of my head i was replaying my plan over and over again. Remembering every detail. Looking up i saw The girl Mackenzie was with walk away. Mackenzie was alone. I have to take advantage. Now!
Running in Mackenzie direction, i grabbed her wrist and pulled her with me. She was surprised. She looked up and our eyes made contact. Her face dropped.
"AHHHHHH!!!!" She Began "AHHHHH HELP ME!!!!!!" She scream. Slapping her and covering her mouth, I looked back and saw a crowd of people running towards us. 
"OW!" I Yelled, "You bitch!". 
Pulling my hand away from her mouth, i saw the blood running down my hand, she bit me! But I didn't care. I just kept running. "There's the door, just a little further!" i said to myself. The door was just a few feet away. Just then i pushed it opened, threw Mackenzie on the floor and grabbed the chair closest to us. Putting it against the door knob to hold the door closed, I stepped back and looked at Mackenzie.
"Glad to see you again, Mackenzie" 

            - 1D_Lover454

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