These are my STRONG opinions about stuff, whether is 'Hendall' or 'Haylor' or just really annoying shit.


3. One Direction

-le one direction rant-

Ok, my opinion on one direction.

I like 1D. I'm not a screaming fan who stalks them and freakin cries about a stupid musk video, but I'm a fan. I don't obsess over them. I have my favourite, like everybody else, but I'm not an extreme fangirl. Here are my opinions on each of them. And yeah, feel free to hate, but bitch, this is a free country.

Harry: good looking. Is Mainly good at singing the main bit in the choruses.

Niall: good looking. Is Mainly good at singing in the rock songs or slow ones (there are pop and others too)

Zayn: good looking. Is mainly good at singing the back up vocals e.g. Louis: I used to think that I was better alone Zayn: better alone..

Liam: good looking. Mainly good at slow songs and pop songs.

Louis: good looking. Louis is Louis. Sings all round.

I have a strong opinion about Louis, but I'm

Not going to speak it unless you want me to, as I feel I will get a lot of hate. Like a lot. Comment if you want it, but for now I'll leave it.

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