These are my STRONG opinions about stuff, whether is 'Hendall' or 'Haylor' or just really annoying shit.


4. Haylor and Hendall

-le Haylor rant-

Ok I have a very fucking strong opinion about Taylor and Harry.

Ok. I am a fan of Taylor.

I hate how people say "Taylor is a whore! Oh I hate Taylor because she fucking broke Harry's heart!" Well here's what I think.

We don't decide who the boys date. Harry and Taylor dated, so what? What Taylor did May have been a little bitchy, but it's in the past. Yeah, she shouldn't have done it, but it happened. And so what if Taylor bases her songs on relationships? It's her writing material, and at least she writes her own shit. Just because she's date a few guys doesn't make her a slut. She expresses her feelings through song, and she's allowed to do that. Heck, I express my feelings through song. It's her way of dealing with things and that's fine. Besides, if this whole thin happen, would you guys still hate her and call her a slur because she's supposedly dated a couple of people? No, you hate her because she dated Harry and it went wrong. Plenty of fucking couples don't work out. Again it's not our choice who they date. They liked each other. It happened. Fucking deal with it people. Same with Kendall. I don't know what's happening with them, but bitch please! Just because you want Harry to be yours doesn't mean you should hate on their relationships! Sure, I'm slightly jealous that Harry might be dating, but god, is it likely that I'll ever wen see him in person? No. Do I hate on him instead? No! Deal with the fact that he's going to find somebody else. Girl, I'm sorry to say, but he's never going to marry you.

I like ranting.

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