This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Rikki's Pov

I snatched Niall's wrist and took a good look at the time it was 8:31 "Uh maybe we should all spend the rest of our time getting ready for the carnival.." I said they all nodded "come to my deck at 9pm got it" they all nodded again and we all went separate ways. I got to my grandma and grandpas beach house and climbed over the decks fence and threw the slide door open and sprinted to my drawers, my room was an awful mess from the boys. For the carnival tonight I chose to wear my floral flower dress and a nice denim jacket to keep me warm just incase it gets chilly.. But I had to make sure I didn't loose my jacket it ment a lot to me, I put my makeup on and let my bright blonde hair fall over my shoulders. Now I decided to tidy my room, I picked up some clothes Harry had been looking at in drawers, when I noticed something red sticking out from under my bed...

I dropped the clothes to the floor and removed the beautiful object from beneath the bed I gasped as I took a good long look at it, it was a red rose and there was a paper tag attached, I read it:

Dear Rikki,

If kisses were raindrops: I'd give you showers

if hugs were seconds: I'd give you hours

if smiles were water: I'd give you the sea

if love was a person: I'd give you me

I felt a tear trickle from my eye, I held the rose carefully and placed it on my dressing table and quickly ran out into the kitchen and rummaged through the cupboards for a vase, I finally found one and filled it up with fresh water then brang it back to my room and carefully put the rose into the vase. I looked around the room "Where to put it" I asked myself, I eventually placed the vase with the beautiful rose on my bedside table. When I finished cleaning up my room I sat on my bed and just stared at the rose, I wonder who would do something so sweet, suddenly there was a usual familiar bang coming from the deck and 10 hands and 5 faces appeared they all smiled and jumped over the fence, I opened the slide door for them and they all came inside.

They all sat in my room "No exploring got it. I only just cleaned up my room" the boys obeyed my order "Hey that's new" Liam pointed over to the rose in the vase on my bedside table "That wasn't there today" Zayn said confused "Well.." I started, The boys all listened "Well.. I was in the middle of cleaning up my room and I found it laying under the bed... And so I picked it up and read the note on it" I explained "Note?" Harry asked raising his eyebrow. "Oh yeah.. It came with a lovely poem" I smiled while saying this, the boys all went to the rose and read the note, "Wow who ever wrote this really must love you" Niall smiled at the ground "Yeah... I wish I knew who.." "Maybe you'll find out tonight" Niall told me then sat back down "Yeah maybe I will" I thought to myself.

"Hey guys, am I the only one who remembers the carnival is tonight" Zayn moaned obviously getting a bit bored and impatient, I don't think Zayn would have wrote the poem.... But then who. All of us went into the kitchen, "Hey Nan, Grandpa, I'm leaving now" I quickly waved the boys to the front door before I could get embarrassed like earlier. "Excuse me my little strawberry" my grandma called over to me, I clenched my eyes and fists shut in embarrassment. "Yesss" "Be safe please" I quickly spun back around to look at the boys, waiting for some kind of laughter explosion, I looked at Niall who seemed to be the only one who was going red trying his hardest not to laugh, "Great" I said to myself, well at least the other boys didn't notice but when we got outside they were all in hysterics.

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