This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Louis Pov

Harry smirked for at least 3 minutes, Zayn Rolled his eyes and fake Yawned, "come on I'm thinking" Harry whined countless times "Just be patient will you" We all rolled our eyes now and waited then Harry started to speak "I have a wonderful idea" Harry rubbed his hands together "I dare Rikki and Louis to kiss" My stomach suddenly started to twist into a knot. Rikki also went pale.. "What... I didn't know we would have dares like this Harry... No its not fair Harry, No" Rikki moaned "Wuss, see I knew you'd bail, I told you" Harry laughed patting his back proudly, Rikki sighed in irritation then snatched my hand and stood me up "Fine we'll do it!" everyone gasped including me.. she then pulled me away from the group and into our tent.

When we got into the tent Rikki just looked at me "I'm sorry" she said over and over again, "Its fine really" I said laughing, we just sat there for a couple minutes "So are we gonna.." "Um.. Do you want to" the conversation was really awkward "I guess it is a dare" we both raised our shoulders. The truth was I did kind of have a thing for Rikki, I mean who wouldn't she had gorgeous Blonde hair and Nice brown eyes, she was an eye catcher and she was definitely different than the other girls I've met. Suddenly I couldn't help myself and I lent in to kiss her, her eyes widened in shock as our lips both connected, For a minute she was trying to pull away then finally she gave in and kissed back. When we released the kiss Rikki was blushing madly... "I.... Uh... That was for the dare right?" Rikki stuttered, my mind started racing, "Yeah... For the dare" and I smiled and so did she, I stood up and took her hand and brang her back to the boys.

"So did you have fun" Harry giggled Rikki went red. "Of course I did. Louis is an amazing kisser!" Rikki looked at me then stuck her nose in the air. All the boys looked at me in astonishment "Wait what.." Harry stuttered "Your kidding" Zayn laughed then went serious "Wholy.. Um" Liam Itched his head and Niall just sat there with a big almighty frown spread across his face shaking his head. "What Harry dared me... It was for the dare" I said raising my shoulders. "I was joking?!" Harry laughed. I stood up all of a sudden getting really angry "Ugh your an ass Harry" I yelled. Everything went quiet. "Guys it was just a dare.. It didn't mean anything" Rikki said rubbing my back which was quite comforting, the boys all nodded and we eventually stopped playing truth or dare after that

"So what times the carnival" Zayn said excitedly jumping up and down in Rikki's face, "Well it starts at 9pm and ends at 1am" Niall looked at his watch "Rikki we have half an hour till the carnival"

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