This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


24. Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Rikki's Pov

I felt my teeth dig into my cheeks as Jasper squeezed. He removed one hand and slipped it into his pocket pulling out one big shinning silver dagger I gasped and backed away before he could grab me "Jasper you wouldn't!" I hissed "Oh, but for revenge, I would" He smirked darkly, my head spun in all directions of the boat looking for something for my defence, but there was nothing.

I backed a little further away until I tripped over a loose floor board and fell flat on my back. "Ah" I cried curling into a tight ball then uncurling myself to see Jasper towering over me "Don't do it" I Begged. Jasper held the dagger high in the air ready to plunge it into me. I closed my eyes tight, hoping I would just magically transport to somewhere else.

A minute passed and I opened my eyes confused. Jasper stood there weakly staring at me with a shameful look, and no dagger in his hand. I turned my head to the side to see he dropped the dagger to the ground "I thought you were gonna.." I stuttered "I want to... But.... I cant just yet, I want my childhood crush to know how much it hurt before I kill her" My eyes widened, childhood crush? Surely not me, But to what it sounded like, it was. I sat up now raising my eyebrows "Tell her then" I was hoping he would become weak in his speech, so... You know... He wouldn't kill me.

Jasper began to speak. He stood up straight and looked at the ground "I fell inlove with you in my young years, you were the cutest girl at school... I mean... Who wouldn't have liked you. You had the million dollar smile, the luscious blonde hair and those breathtaking brown eyes which I see haven't changed" He pointed at my face "We were bestfriends and I was so sure we would have ended up with each other, but then you became friends with those blonde.... Bimbos" I rolled my eyes at this, they were ok.... When they weren't scheming and being mean. "And then the science fair came, and that's where it all ended, you and your stupid girlfriends burning down the place on purpose and then you act like it wasn't even your fault, when it was-"

while Jasper began to bicker and explain my eyes drifted off into the distance of the sea just behind Jaspers back. I heard the motor of a boat and I trained my eyes on a pin prick moving towards us. I studied it carefully, forgetting who was standing in front of me. When it came half way a wave of relief rushed through me as I saw 5 worried faces approaching us then disappearing behind us, then I couldn't hear the motor anymore.

Jasper looked at me, must have finished his whole 'speech' I gulped hard and pulled myself backwards on the ground a bit "I still want to kill you though, as of now, you will be long gone" Jasper raised his hand with the dagger into the air again like before and stared into my eyes, I began to cry, Unexpectedly just cried sending tears streaming down my cheeks.

At the split second Liam came running around the corner of the boat and Pulled Jasper back by the neck, I stood up clearly freaking out, but my back played up on me and i collapsed to the ground again, I watched the pair fight, Liam strangling Jasper madly while holding Jaspers hand with the dagger in the air. I wanted to pull them apart but It would be too risky. Suddenly my heart stopped when Liam lost the grip in Jaspers arm and the last thing that happened was Jasper plunging the dagger into Liams stomach.

Liam fell to the ground gasping for air. I crawled over to him desperately and my tears were uncontrollable, I started to scream as a pair of arms wrapped around my waist and picked me up off the ground "YOU FUCKING CUNT, PUT ME DOWN, PUT ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!" I reached out my arm for Liam as he did the same just as his heart lost hope and so did his bones and his hand plummeted hard on the ground.

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