This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


23. Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Harry's Pov

I sat in the corner of the room nibbling on my fingernails and rocking my body back and forth "Where would he take her??" Liam asked curiously, all 5 of us thought hard... Then Louis shot his hand into his pocket and pulled out a folded pamphlet "Whats that" Niall asked "This... Is what I found with his wallet... And its a brochure for a boat..." Louis flipped the paper around to our view "That familiar" Louis smirked. Our eyes lit up "I saw that boat last night!" Zayn pointed out and the rest of us nodded.

It was about 7:00 in the morning, "I reckon, he's taken her there... On this boat, Moonlight-shipper" Louis stated. Niall stood up in his spot "Well then! Im not waiting another minute! If she dies before we get to them! I swear!" Niall yelled "Shut up Niall we'll go now we just need to figure out how to get there!" I hissed at him.

****Rikki's Pov****

My eyes opened up slowly, my eyes flitted to the ceiling.. then to my side out to the sea. I sat up from the boats ground looking around desperately. "Awake now.. Huh?" I turned my head around "Jasper... Why am I here... Take me back!" I growled "You wont need to go back after im finished with you... Infact... You never will" Jasper smirked at me intensely.

"Please?" I whispered innocently "Nope" He swiftly walked up to me and grabbed my cheeks tightly and looked deeply into my eyes "Slut, Don't try act like you have done nothing wrong!" He slapped me then grabbed my cheeks again. I tried to speak but my jaws were aching "What did I ever do to you" I spat "Don't you remember.. The school fair fire" My memory suddenly started to rewind to when I was age 13..

-Flash Back-

Me and my best friend J lined up in our school lines "Hey! Come stand next to me! Don't you want to be first?" I asked J politely laughing a little "Nah ill be all goods!" J replied. I turned back to my new friends, Helena, Tilly and Jessica ( The popular chicks ) "So what should we do" Tilly whispered, "I don't know" Jessica snapped chewing her gum and zoned into her I pods music, "I feel like having a bit of fun... Lets set something on fire!" Helena whisper-shouted excitedly. My stomach started to churn... This idea wasn't so responsible at all.

When the long line of students were studying there eyes on something else me and the girls quickly snuck into the corner of the large room behind a huge pair of curtains "So whats the plan" Tilly asked "Were gonna set something on fire" Helena repeated like before "We could set one of the Science experiments on fire" Tilly offered.

My whole syndicate had a big day out at a stupid worthless Science fair, it was gay. "That's pathetic Till's" Helena laughed sarcastically "How about we go and pretend we like the fair?" I butted in "Uh, I don't think so Girl, Ive done enough pretending" Helena snapped at me, and I raised my shoulders in defence. Helena's eyes suddenly lit up like the sun and she grabbed the curtains and smiled at us "How about we light up these" Tilly started to jump up and down in excitement "It will be epic!"

Helena snuck across the room and up to an old man smoking just outside on the benches, she reached into the mans pockets carefully then grabbed a match box and matches, the man turned around "Can I help you?" Helena stood as still as a pin "Umm nope... I was just looking for my cell phone" the man nodded and Helena quickly creeped back behind the curtains.

"That may have been the easiest thing I have ever done" Helena smirked, I quickly backed out of the curtain as Helena swiped a match across the box and threw it at the curtain. as soon as I saw the match touch the curtain I sprinted "Get out of the way!" I screamed to everybody leaning against the curtain, including J.

The students all ran out of the room as the curtains were lit up and no soon after that, every wall was lit and ceiling was too. I looked around the room desperately for J "JASPER!!!!" I screamed loudly, suddenly I heard a yell back "Rikki!" I ran to the voice. It came from the food room. I quickly ran to the door but the ceiling started to fall to pieces. A big chunk fell in front of the door. "Jasper!!" I yelled "HELP!" I looked around seeing everything in flames "IM SORRY" I yelled back and quickly sprinted outside.

-End of flashback-

"Oh..." I whispered "Yeah, I was stuck in there for a month! Your lucky I was in the food room bitch!" Jasper hissed, squeezing my cheeks tighter now.

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