This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


22. Chapter 22

Chapter 22 Rikki's Pov

I looked around the room blankly... What now? It would be a bit awkward sleeping in a boys bed.... I looked at what I was sitting on. I sat on a small red fluffy chair. I hesitated to go to bed... I really felt uncomfortable, but then I decided I couldn't just stay up all night... Could I?

I went to stand up but then a shock in between my legs made me sit quickly back down again "Ah-h" I hissed quietly. I wanted to call the boys but then they would find out that me and Louis made out... I looked around the room desperately. I took in a large breath and lent my hands on either side of the chair and lifted myself up. The pain was so excruciating and I really wanted to scream and cry but I held It in. I slowly lowered my foot to the ground.

My foot finally touched the ground but then.... So did my entire body. Once my foot had touched the carpet the pain was un controllable and I had lost my balance and fell to the ground. I lay with my back on the carpet, expecting Louis to come in any moment now and help me to bed... But he never came. I had tried to get up countless times and after at least an hour I gave up. I stared at the ceiling while shockwaves of pain went washing through me, one by one.

Suddenly the window squeaked open, I lifted my head carefully to the window watching it curiously. My eyes opened wide like double doors when i saw a shadow lift from outside. I tried my hardest to lift myself up and behind the bed but i couldn't conquer the pain but it was too much for me. Suddenly the figure came into full view and a huge smile spread across their face "Nice to see you, Rick." He held a big black sack in his hands and a huge smirk. He climbed through the window keeping eye contact with me and then quickly walked towards me.

I opened my mouth to scream but he leapt to me and covered my mouth. I shook him furiously with my free hands hoping he'd give up. I stopped shaking him when a black wallet and a pamphlet fell out of his pockets. He went to go pick them up and then i quickly bit him hard. His face went bright red and he drawed his attention back to me "Your very familiar with biting me aren't you missy' and before i could reply the sack he held in his right hand was thrown over my head and i heard the waves of the sea as i was taken away.

****Louis Pov****

I had heard a loud thump an hour ago from the room Rikki slept in "Can we please just check?" I asked over and over again worried "Shes fine... I wouldn't bother a womans beauty sleep... Trust me dude" Liam laughed, i lowered my eyebrows "Oh whatever, I'm thirsty, I'm gonna go get a drink" the boys all nodded. On the way to the kitchen I walked past Rikki's bedroom and stopped, I heard the waves crashing and the crickets chirping "Hey?! Niall" I called "Yeah" he replied "Was Rikki's bedroom window open before we left....

Everything went quiet then all the boys rushed into the hall by the door "Zayn shut the window behind him" My eyes widened and i threw the bedroom door open and we all sprinted to the open window "I cant believe she ran away!" Zayn shouted, the room was empty "You know what! I give up on that girl! She keeps running away!" Liam yelled. All the boys except me nodded, I scanned the room then my heart started racing when i saw a small pamphlet and a wallet laying stranded on the carpet.

I picked up the pamphlet first, on the front page was a big boat called "Moonlight-Shipper" I had seen that boat before.... I thought i saw it earlier.... I then picked up the wallet and opened it. I suddenly stopped breathing at the ID picture in the front slot "Guys she didn't run away" I walked over to the boys, their eyebrows raised "What.. What do you mean?!" Harry stuttered.

I lifted the ID pictures to their view "Look what i found on the floor... Doesn't he look familiar" I smirked, instantly Niall frowned "THAT MOTHER FUCKER, I SHOULD HAVE KILLED HIM WHEN I FIRST SAW HIM" Niall shouted. I put a hand on his shoulder "He kidnapped her" Harry continued to stutter "Seems like it" at the second Harry burst into an unusual lot of tears and Niall started cracking his knuckles.

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