This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


20. Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Rikki's Pov

I stumbled through the large window hearing shouts from behind me. I realised once I got through the window the ground wasn't flat, I fell down a huge hill which led down to the sand, I could only see snip-its of the dark black sky above as I rolled roughly and fast down the slope. Once I finally reached the bottom I stood up and quickly brushed the grass and moss of my clothes and brushed the dirt out of my hair, but I stopped and ran once I saw Niall and Harry and the rest of the boys jump through the window and sprint down the hill, I flinched and ran out onto the side of the sea hoping my grandmas and granpas beach house wasn't too far away.


An hour went by and the strength in my legs gave out on me. I collapsed to the sand breathing in and out heavily. I looked around desperately for the boys, but they were no where to be seen. Maybe they gave up? Maybe they got lost, just like I am? Maybe they are a little far behind. I looked around for somewhere to stay, but there wasn't.... In the corner of my eye I saw a little bush.. Well at least big enough for me to hide behind. Am I crazy? Im not sleeping in there? No way! But eventually I got up on my elbows and dragged myself behind it.

Half way through the night I heard voices, and I knew who they were. I wiggled myself I little further into the bush, holding my breath, I saw them walk straight past me "Rikki?!" They shouted. 4 boys jogged past.. But there was just one missing? Where was he? "There you are!" Louis popped his head around the side of the bush staring at me making me jump, I just stayed sitting behind the bush hoping he would leave me alone. Louis looked behind his back to the boys that were half way down the sand "Rikki?! You alright" I didn't answer. "Rikki? If you like, I can take you back to the batch and we can talk.. But.... We have to be quiet" I thought about this for a second then considered it "Ok Lou... But... Wont the others come back" I whispered "Ill make sure they are sleeping in the tents tonight" He replied "Oh.. Alright". Louis backed out of the bush and went back to the boys.

5 minutes passed and Louis popped his head back around the bush and held his hand out towards me "Come on.. Before we get spotted" I took his hand and we skipped down the side of the beach back to the boys batch and while we ran I noticed a large boat out deep into the sea, what would a big boat like that be doing in the middle of the sea at this time of night. an hour passed and we finally reached the hill up to the window of the batch. We climbed up the hill and through the window. I sat back down on the bed. "Rikki? What really happened with Jasper?" I kept my mouth closed "Please tell me?" I sighed and looked deep into Louis eyes and blurted it all out. "Oh?" I nodded then looked at the ground "Im scared Louis... He sounded serious" Louis grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. "Forget about him, he will do nothing" I brushed my fringe out of my face "What if he does? Will you be there? To save me?" I stared at the wall "Yes... I promise.." Louis threw himself onto me in a hug.

"Louis!" I screamed laughing "Shhhh" He giggled as he tickled me continuously. "Louis! Stop! STOP!" I yelled again. Suddenly he just stopped and stared into my eyes "What!" I laughed awkwardly. He then slowly leaned in towards me.. I was freaking out.. Hes gonna kiss me.. Isnt he.. Oh god? Should I kiss him back? I know I wanted to! But before I could decide his lips attacked me and I couldn't help but just go along with it.

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