This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Harrys Pov

"She's ok" Liam says throwing the frisbee back and forth to Zayn, I kept looking back towards the deck that the girl stood on just staring at us. "Oh Harry, stop checking of shes there, she's gone"

Louis playfully punched my arm, "yeah I guess your right" I answered. Me Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam shared an apartment it was small but quite nice, tonight me and the boys decided it would be cool to camp out on the beach, I sat in my tent just staring at the fabric ceiling, suddenly the zip of my tent door was being pulled open and Louis popped his head through "your still thinking about her aren't you" I looked at Louis and nodded "You know if I were you, I would have knocked on her door and said hello by now" Louis patted my back and left the tent... He kind of has a point, I thought. But I had to get a grip of myself anyway I have better things to do than worry about a girl that I don't even know. I went back outside and saw the other boys sitting around a big fire singing along to a song Niall randomly made up with his guitar. I sat next to Niall and tried to sing along.

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