This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


19. Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Rikki's Pov

My eyes slowly opened and everything was blurry, my vision finally cleared and i saw a room infront of me and i sighed "must have just been a dream" i thought. I stretched out my arm to my bedside table to grab my phone, but when i reached out to the side, there was no bedside table, all my hand grabbed was air. I sat up quickly and relalized this wasnt my room.... I looked at the bed i lay in, it wasnt familar.. I heard voices coming from outside the door, i looked at the room, it had posters of surfing ads and the bed covers were maroon.. It had to be a boys bedroom... Suddenly i heard footsteps approaching the door and i shot back down and closed my eyes. I heard the door being opened then footsteps approached the bed "Shes still not awake... Liam, why? Why did you fucking take her into the deep water when she said NO!" the voice was familar and i finally figured out who it was, my eyes shot open and i hugged the blonde haired boy tight.

Niall gasped for air "GUYS SHES AWAKE! SHES OK!" Niall hugged back quickly "I thought we lost you!" Niall cried on my shoulder, "Im fine.. Just dont throw me in the water alright?" I laughed, the boys all came in, including Liam, "Rikki im so sorry... I shouldnt have put you down there" Liam walked up to me for a hug but Niall stuck a hand out "Niall... Its ok... Liam i forgive you come here!" I laughed waving my hand over to him gesturing him to come over and give me a hug. Liam jogged over to me and hugged me twice as tight as Niall did. "Guys where am i... Where are we?" I asked confused "Oh... This is our beach house.... We dont stay here often though... We like to camp out.. Its fun" Louis said looking around at the room "Well, actually its my beach house, but i decided to share it with the boys" Harry stated to Louis. "Hey... And we also wanted to know something else.." I went quiet as a mouse, i looked over at Zayn, He held something behind his back, "What?" they looked at eachother then Zayn pulled out what he was hiding behind his back..

"Explain this" I gasped and covered my mouth, Zayn held a soaking wet denim jacket out in front of him "I.... I..." I didnt want to tell them i had seen Jasper, and that he had threatened me. "I... Found it.." I lied "You went back to the carnival?" Niall asked "No.... Uh... I met a boy the other day... He was the one that picked it up at the carnival.. He gave it back to me.." I lied once again, "How did he find you, and how did he know where you live.. Theres no number or adress on this jacket" Zayn asked confused looking around the jacket for a number or adress or name. I let out a sigh. Niall raised an eyebrow "You didnt get given it didnt you... I know someone when their lying" I grabbed the sheets of the bed tightly, I had no idea what to say... What was i soppose to say, "Oh yeah, I saw Jasper at the supermarket and he stole it and i fought it off him and he threatened to kill me" that would send the boys over the edge, but i had to tell them somehow, "Ok, I will tell you the truth.." I gott off the bed and stood up ready to make a run if any of them just happened to go nuts (Looking at Niall)..

"Well... I saw Jasper at the supermarket the other day, and he had my jacket, so i took it off him...Simple as that" i shrugged like it didnt even matter.. But the truth did. "It wouldnt have been simple Rikki, I find that hard to believe, seeing the way that boy acted at the carnival was dangerous" Louis said innocently.. I didnt want to explain anymore, i took a run for the door but Harry quickly blocked it "Well. At least we know your hiding something now" Niall said.

I slowly walked backwards to the bed and sat back down, I covered my face with my hands, Oh Rikki! What have i gotten myself into you silly girl! I uncovered my face and looked back up at the boys "If i tell you, you must swear not to get mad" the boys nodded and Niall just listened "Ok... So... I saw Jasper in the supermarket... And i found him in the cooling room and he had my jacket so i tryed t get it off him but he grabbed me and threatened to kill me and so i defended myself and took my jacket and ran" Once again i shrug it off like it didnt matter, the boys just stood there with their mouths gaping wide open "K-kill you?! Do you even care about your life?!" Liam yelled confusingly, I lowered my eyebrows "No. Actaully i dont care about my life! Ive been handed down to at least 2 fucking familys in my lifetime cause they didnt love me! So yeah!!! I guess you could say i dont freaking care!" I yelled loudly, The boys mouths fell open wider, but Niall just sat there looking at the ground shamefully "Yes! Im fucking adopted!" I yelled almost loosing my voice, the boys stood in the room looking at the ground. I needed to get out of here before i make a bigger fool of what i am, I saw a big open window, I looked back at the boys and made a quick lightning move.

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