This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


18. Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Zayn's Pov

2 days went by after the fight with Jasper and Niall, we were all quiet and nothing really exciting happened, Niall and Harry got into some fights which were easy to break apart but they seemed to start over again countlessly, all of us were determined to hang out with Rikki but with the fights that Niall and Harry were having, we decided to lay off for a while. I listened to Niall and Harry continuously bickering at each other in the tent.. Finally I had, had enough and marched over to them and told them what I thought "Just fuck up will you!!" They both went quiet "Sorry" Niall innocently whispered "No! I've heard that enough! Me, Louis and Liam have had enough!" Louis and Liam both nodded from the outside of the tent "You two just need to grow up ok?" Niall nodded and then Harry stood there playing with his curls "Pfft" anger rose in me "And we have had enough of your attitude too" I yelled in Harrys face, Harry rolled his eyes "Oh ok!! You know what I give up! I do!" and with that I walked away back to Louis and Liam.

Harry and Niall came out of the tent and stood in front of us "Zayn you just need to back out of this ok?!" Harry stated "Oh whatever Harry!" I yelled back "Whats going on?" we all turned around to see Rikki standing there a few metres away from us obviously listening to our constant fighting "Um... Whats going on?" she repeated, "Nothing just casual boy fights" I fake laughed and then gave a serious look to Niall and Harry, "Oh.. Ok... Uh.... Sorry if I interrupted you or something.." and she turned around to leave "Wait! Please come hang out with us! Everythings so boring" Harry called over to her, Rikki smiled and trotted back over and sat down next to Liam "So what kind of un- boring stuff have you exactly got in mind" Harry smirked and removed his top, "Uh... Harry what are you doing" Rikki awkwardly laughed staring at his upper half of his body, "Taking off my top to go swimming duh?" Harry laughed, Rikkis eyes widened...


"Come on Rikki, don't be a party pooper" Liam laughed splashing some water at her, "No.. Liam im sorry but.. No means no." Liam smirked and jogged up to her and picked her up and held her tight "Liam please let me go! Let me go!" Liam ignored her and walked into the sea. Rikki squirmed and wiggled but she couldn't get one inch away from Liam, "Liam....?" Rikki was clearly freaking out, Liam got further and further into the water until Liams bottom half of his body was underwater and the water was just touching Rikkis back, "Liam take me back please? Please?" she begged "Look Rikki? Its just stupid sea water who cares if your clothes get wet" Liam laughed and dropped her into the water as a joke then turned around running back up to the shore, all the boys stared laughing at her, not realizing how much danger she was in. Rikki splashed furiously trying to float, "Liam!!! It wasn't the bloody clothes im worried about, I cant bloody swi-" But just as she tried to finish her sentence her strength bailed on her and she fell underneath the water.

Niall was the first to act he took an almighty dive into the sea and swam all the way to her Louis and Harry then followed, I was out on the sand, I would have joined in on saving her but, unfortunately I couldn't swim either, "Arnt you gonna go save her" I shouted to Liam, as her stood there freaking her out "Uh.." Was all he could say "Your lame Li, don't do that to someone again ok?" I yelled furiously, my voice getting sore from all the fighting. Me and Liam stared into the distance praying to god Rikki was ok, then sudenley Niall emerged from the water with Rikki he sucked in air and then Harry and Louis dragged her up to the surface.

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