This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


17. Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Rikki's Pov

It was the 3rd day of my stay at grandma and grandpas, though I don't know why I was counting the days, I must have been thinking my adoption family might just take me back.. Though I doubt it. I sat in my room most of that afternoon waiting for the usual bang coming from the deck and 5 faces appearing, but there never was, but I guess it would be nice to take a break, I had spent an entire day with them yesterday. I also felt a bit guilty about last night with what happened with me and Niall... I shouldn't have let him take it past the kiss... We could have been caught.. Then I would be in trouble for sure. "Rikki!" My grandpa called to me from the living room, I went out to him, "Yes?" "Would you like to come to the supermarket with me?" I thought about it for a moment, what if the boys came while I was gone "No I think I will be fine staying home" Grandpa shook his head "No Rikki, Sweetie pie, all you have done is sit in your room. You shall come to the supermarket with me honey" I secretly rolled my eyes and nodded, "Wait here" I ran into my room and locked the slide doors "No way in hell am I letting them come in my room while im gone".


I got out of the car and stood in the car park waiting for grandpa to get out of the car and when he did we both grabbed a trolley and went inside. I held the shopping list "Next is ice cream" I explained, "You go get the ice cream and ill go grab the bread and milk" I nodded and trotted out of the isle and down the side of the building searching for the ice cream. I couldn't find the ice cream in any of the isles, Maybe they were sold out? I kept looking around when I finally found it, a small freezer room squeezed in the corner of the building, I opened the door to It and went inside, I shivered intensely as the icy cold air touched my skin, Inside the room was tubs and tubs of ice cream and on the other side room were bottles and bottles of wine and beer. I turned the corner to pick a tub of ice cream, when I stopped in my tracks, there... Standing in front of m3 with his back turned, with bright golden hair and bright green eyes stood Jasper, I Covered my mouth, I started to slowly back away when I eyed a small satchel hanging over his shoulder and something denim and fabric hung slightly out of it, I quietly gasped "My jacket.."

I kept backing away until I was crouched behind a small wall of ice cream tubs, I carefully looked around the corner, I want my jacket back. Jasper was looking at boxes of beer and even worse he was smoking "Ugh" I whispered, Suddenly my throat twisted in knots from the smell of cigarettes and I coughed loudly, I covered my mouth in shock and held my breathe behind the tubs. Everything went dead silent.. Maybe he left before I coughed.... I turned my head slowly towards the place he stood but it only turned halfway because he stood right next to me just standing there staring at me... I swallowed deeply and he took a step closer to me "Hi?" I squeaked, He widely smirked "Why were you spying on me Rick" "Why are you smoking" I stood up trying to look as brave as possible, "Don't change the Situation Rick" I slowly started to walk backwards but Jasper followed me "Please leave me alone.. All I wanted was ice cream.." Jasper rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand, "Don't be a stupid girl.. Rick.. You don't want to mess with me.. You have no idea what im capable of" He spun me around so my back was touching his chest "You've changed Jasper." He held me tight "Your right I have.. But its so much more cooler to be bad" I acted as quick as a flash I lifted his hand to my mouth and bit on it hard then I grabbed my jacket out of his satchel then grabbed a random tub of ice cream tub and sprinted off to find my grandpa.

I finally got back to grandpa and he was at the counter buying all the food, "Grandpa I got the ice cream" the lady scanned It and I kept turning my head back to the freezer room, Jasper didn't come out, I quickly hurried grandpa and the trolley outside into the car park and we quickly put the bags of food in the car and left "Why are you in such a hurry?" Grandpa asked "Um.... I actually don't know" I fake smiled and lied.

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