This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


16. Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Harrys Pov

I was in the middle of reading when the zip of my tent opened and Niall with only his jocks on slipped into the tent "Uh. Excuse me? Why are you naked" Niall looked at me with a blank look getting dressed "Your guilty of something" Niall raised his eyebrows "No? No im not? Why would I be freaking guilty" He squeaked almost cracking a high, "Niall tell before go get the others" Niall kept his mouth shut and shook his head, I opened my mouth to call the boys "Gu-!" "Fine! You just cant tell the others or tell Rikki that I told you ok?" I nodded suspiciously "me and Rikki..." I waited "Keep going.." He covered his face and spoke as quick as a bullet "We nearly made out" But I took in every word. My eyes widened "What." was all that came out of my mouth "I... Made out with.. Rikki" I covered my face with my pillow "Harry?" Niall whispered "Out" I mumbled "What?" "GET OUT" I yelled pointing at the tents door and in seconds the tent was being zipped open then being zipped shut.

I uncovered the pillow from my face and saw an empty tent, anger ran through my body I went to my suitcase and threw it open inside were a bunch of red roses, clothes and deodorant, I picked up the roses and took them outside.

i walked up to the very edge of the sea water and ripped the roses to pieces and then threw the remainders of them into the sea, I turned back around to walk back to my tent, but when i did i stood face to face with Niall, "It.. It was you? You gave the rose to Rikki" "Mind your business and go to bed" I kept walking towards my tent, but Niall followed me "I'm not tired Harry? But why?" I stopped and took a deep breath and spoke "I thought I might've had a chance with her Niall.. We all did.." "But you still do?" I clenched my fists closed "No Niall! You don't get it! I will have her Niall! I will do anything!" Niall raised his eyebrow "What are you trying to say" "I'm trying to say, Back off, she's mine."

Before Niall could answer me I stomped to my tent and turned off my lamp and tried my hardest to go to sleep, I overheard Louis talking to himself in his tent "Rikki will be mine... Yeah... I just got to practice being romantic.... Yeah.. That's what I'll do" It seemed that me Niall and Louis were all wanting the same thing, but little did I know that It wasn't just me Niall and Louis, It was all of us.

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