This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


15. Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Rikki's Pov

When I arrived home, we all waved goodbye, I walked into the front door of my grandma and grandpas beach house, "Grandma?!.. Grandpa?!" I yelled looking around the house for my grandparents, I got to the kitchen and looked around and noticed a small piece of paper sitting on the dinning table. I picked It up and read it:

Dear Strawberry x

Me and Grandpa have left for bingo, will be back at 4:30, I hope you had a fun time at the carnival x

Love from Grandma

I put the note back on the table and looked at the tall grandfather clock standing next to the living room couch. The clock read 1 in the morning, I yawned and trotted to my bedroom and threw myself on the bed. I turned my head over and stared at the rose on my bedside table. Who in the world would do something so sweet.. For me? I thought about it for a long time and after a while my eyes slowly closed and I drifted off to sleep.


"Rikki? Rikki? Rikki? Heeellloooo?" My eyes slowly opened and I saw a tall boy with bright blonde hair and blue eyes shaking me "Wake up Rikki!" My shot open and I screamed, Niall fell backwards off the bed "Niall! What in the world are you doing here!" Niall stood back up itching his head "Well, the boys, they are all pissed off at me" Niall sat on the bed once again, "Niall, why?" I asked "Well lets just say Louis doesn't like that I started the fight and put you in danger, Harry is angry cause I put you in danger, and its the same with Liam and Zayn" Niall explained, "Why do they care about me" I sat up in my bed and listened to Nialls explanation, "Oh!... I'm not aloud to tell" Niall played with his thumbs nervously "I can keep a secret" Niall looked at me for a couple minute then let out a big sigh "Oh I guess so" "So? What is it?" I asked a bit impatient, "The boys have massive crushes on you.." My eyes widened.. I already knew Liam had a thing for me... Not The others..

I looked at Niall "When you say, all the boys.. Do you mean, you too." Niall looked up at me "Yeah.." suddenly all these feelings just rushed through me, I couldn't control myself! One minute I felt my stomach tie in knots, the next I felt confused, and then I remembered what happened on the field how he told Jasper to fuck off for no reason, and anger flushed all through my body, from head to toe. "Why did you wake me up Niall" I said rather grumpily now, "Because I wanted to talk about this with you" I rolled my eyes "Rikki?" I stared at the ceiling "Ok look, I'm sorry about what happened with Jasper, I couldn't help myself, I regret it so badly that I put u in danger like that! I love you! I love you Ri-" "NO!" I threw the covers off me and got out of bed and spun around 'No Niall! If you loved me, you would have trusted me and let me say at least hello to Jasper! But no you had to get in the way!"

"Rikki please" Niall begged to me "No Niall! Just no! You should leave! And you shouldn't love me either Fuck off!" I yelled clenching my fists. Niall shot up from the bed "Fine then, Maybe I fucking will!" He stomped to the slide door and disappeared behind the curtains. I stood in the middle of the room, Tears flooding out my eyes, I waited to hear the sound of him jumping over the deck fence, But there was no sound what so ever, I tip toed up to the curtain and stood in front of it grabbing the material and squeezing it tight and balling my eyes out even harder, suddenly the curtain was thrown open and Niall threw his lips onto mine leading us into a deep and powerful kiss, I was so confused, I released from the kiss "Niall? Why did you come back?!" our foreheads both touched and I felt myself being pushed backwards "I never left baby, and I cant stop loving you, finding a girl like you is one in a million" suddenly I was thrown down against the bed and Niall layed on me, I moaned as his hard length touched my centre, "Niall?" I whispered weakly "Yes" he whispered back to me "What are you doing?" "I think you know what I am doing" he grinded his hips into mine and I moaned loudly.

Niall grabbed the the end of my shirt and slowly pulled it over top of my head, then throwing it on the floor. "Lets get rid of those pants, shall we?" I nodded In response and he tugged my pants down and I wiggled them off my legs and they fell off the side of the bed, he sat me up and reached behind my back and unclipped my bra and It elegantly fell off my body, he grabbed onto both my boobs and massaged both of them expertly, I moaned loudly in pleasure, he let go of them and then moved down to my thighs, he breathed deeply onto my centre then rubbed it, making me go over the edge, he removed his hand then pulled my underwear down leaving me completely naked. He slipped his hand into his pocket and grabbed a condom, he then threw is shirt, pants and jocks off. He slipped the condom onto his hard length then He lined up at my entrance, but right as he did I heard yelling coming from the kitchen "Strawberry were home!" I threw Niall off my body and he tumbled onto the floor "Get under the bed!" I whispered and he quickly grabbed his clothes and rolled underneath the bed and I quickly threw the blankets over my naked shaking body.

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