This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Rikki's Pov

When the rain died down me and Niall got talking, "How many boyfriends have you had?" I looked at him surprised from the question "not many, why" I brushed my hair from my face to get a proper look at Niall "I don't actually know... Just pretend I never asked" I laughed at Niall "your funny" I giggled "I know" he laughed back and put his hands on his hips, "Oh Niall" He smiled at me. Suddenly I heard a voice shout my name infront of us "Hey Rikki!" I turned and looked in the direction of the call, "Jasper!" I yelled back I stood up to go walk to him but I felt a hand wrap around my arm and pull me back down "What are you doing Niall" Niall kept hold of my arm "Why were you leaving" I rolled my eyes at him "To go say hello to my friend? Is there a problem with that?!" He looked at me for a second then shook his head "Yeah, Yeah there is" Niall held my arm even tighter now.

"Niall let go of me!" I yelled and Jasper started to approach us, I finally shook Nialls arm off i turned around to see Jasper "Hey is this guys messing around with you" Jasper eyed Niall and narrowed his eyes, i opened my mouth to reply but Niall stood up in front of me face to face with Jasper "Fuck off Bro" Jasper stood up straight not offended by Nialls words at all, "were You doing something to her, cause.. You know if you were.. I can teach you a little lesson.." Jasper clenched his fists closed "I wasnt, now get lost" Niall went to grab my arm again but i backed away, "Dont lie" Jasper winked and smirked, at that split second Niall picked Jasper up by the shirt and held him up against a tree, "FUCK OFF!" Jasper continued to smirk "Is that all you got?!" It was now Nialls turn to smirk "You want more?" Niall laughed "Come at me" Niall threw a couple punches, "STOP! PLEASE! STOP NOW NIALL STOP!" i yelled behind Niall, Suddenly i heard yelling behind me telling them to stop too, i spun around quickly to see Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry run past me and pull them apart.

Louis held Niall back and Zayn held Jasper back "God Niall whats gotten into you!" Louis yelled still trying to hold Niall back as he tryed to slip out of Louis grip and fight Jasper. Louis cast a look at me then mouthed "what happened", fear rised in my stomach, "Ah!" I suddenly turned my head to see Jasper had got out of Zayns grip and was now marching up to Niall, Louis kept holding Niall back and tryed to drag him back as far as he could away from Jasper. Harry quickly walked in front of Niall "Dude calm down" Harry yelled, Jasped was now so close to Harry Niall and Louis I sprinted in front of Harry and leaned against his chest "Go away Jasper! Leave! Dont come back!" Jasper rolled his eyes at me and went to go around us but i managed to run back infront of him and push him away "Piss off Rick" he hissed at me "Leave us alone! Go! Now! I never want to see you again! Get lost!" Jasper raised his eyebrow "Hm" He took another step forward "Please" I whispered "Ugh, i was only trying to protect you, and this is what i get! Bitch."

Jasper turned to walk away, i sighed, but it wasent over yet, Harry went up to him, Liam sprinted up to Harry and pulled him away, "Liam what are you doing" Harry yelled confused, "Just leave it, everythings a mess as it is" Liam Yelled back "But he called Rikki a fucking bitch!" Jasper now left around the corner and Harry calmed down, "Harry its ok" He looked a me and gave a weak smile, Niall finally calmed down as well, "Do you think the bus would have left by now" Harry asked looking at Niall, because he had a watch, Niall rolled his eyes and looked at his watch 'Its only 11:46 we can make it" and we all went off down the road.

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