This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Niall's Pov

The next room we arrived in was a teeny weeny little bathroom, at least tiny enough to fit 5 people, it had a rectangular shower that was covered in (I hope) fake blood, and there was a little bath tub next to it. I really really didn't like things like this. It was just so fucking Creepy. When we got to the door out of the room Rikki pulled it open but just as she did a figure appeared from out of the bath tub and was starting to walk towards us with a (I hope) fake knife. Rikki was pulling the door open with all her might but it was jammed because there was carpet underneath, I quickly swiped the carpet towards the figure with my foot which sent it tripping over and me and Rikki threw the door open and went out.

"Thank god" I told myself as we shut the door behind us and turned around to see the park benches, "See it wasn't too bad" Rikki laughed "I still don't like it" I told her. We went and sat down at a bench, "Oh its really chilly out here" Rikki shivered, it was getting really windy. Rikki grabbed her shoulders and felt around then her eyes went wide with fear, "Oh no.." "Whats up?" I asked "My bloody jacket! I left it behind" she cried burying her face in her palms "Wait in the haunted house... No no no! I'm not going back in there! Sorry.." Rikki lifted her face to look at me with a confused and angry look on her face "No! Niall I left it behind in the middle of the carnival where all the food is served!" "Oh.. Where In the middle of the carnival" Rikki sat there for a moment rewinding back her memory "On a little fence.. Next to the roller coaster.." I grabbed Rikki's hand and stood her up "What are you doing Niall" She asked confused "You want your jacket back don't you?" She nodded and we both headed to where she was when she bought the ice cream.

We got to the spot and Rikki ran to the little fence where she hung It "No! Ugh its gone!" She cried again this time a tear dripping down her face. She walked up to the ice cream man that was packing up for the day due to the cold in coming weather, "Mr.. Did you see a nice denim jacket hanging on that fence just over there?" Rikki pointed to where it had hung "Why yes! A young man took it half an hour ago, he looked about 17.." "Thank you Mr" Rikki sighed and we went back to the benches and sat back down, I looked into the sky which formed dark black clouds that Sellotaped the entire area. "Are you ok?" Rikki looked up at me "Yeah I'm fine.. Its just.. my parents got that for me and..." I looked at her "And.." "You wouldn't understand Niall" She sighed "I might if you tell me" she looked at me again and took in a deep breath and started to speak.

"When I was 2 or 3 my parents abandoned me, my grandparents told me they couldn't cope with me or something like that.. So basically.. They gave me away... To another family" I listened carefully "So.. your adopted?" I asked "Yeah I guess you could say that, my new parents.. They.. abandoned me too.." "WHAT" "Yeah I know, I felt the same way too... That's why I'm staying at my grandparents" I looked deep into her eyes, she was so calm about it all "Wait.. Don't tell me... Your grandparents are your actual grandparents right.." "Oh yeah, that's the good thing about it all, they were the only part of my real family that were interested in me." "Wait I thought you told me and the boys that you were staying just for the summer!?" I asked confusingly "Well... This morning I got a call from the family that adopted me, they were going to have a baby, and couldn't cope with 2 children so they had to keep me here" I saw a tear trickle from her eye "But Rikki? There are no schools around here?" She wiped away her tears "Well.. We haven't thought of that yet but.. Yeah I'm not surprised that next my grandparents will give me away" "Rikki don't say that!" She wrapped her arms around her legs "Why not, It happens to me all the time anyway" she sighed.

Suddenly there was a loud bang up in the sky and little dribbles of rain fell down on us "Anyway what has this adoption thing got to do with your jacket" I asked throwing my hoodie over my head "Its my mothers, My real mothers, the one that gave birth to me" Rikki reached over her back to grab her hoodie when she remembered once again that she lost her jacket "Ugh" she rolled her eyes. After a minute the rain got worse, it started plummeting down on us like someone in the sky just tipped an enormous bucket of water on our heads, I grabbed Rikki's wrist and pulled her under a bunch of trees on the corner of the field. Rikki was shivering really badly, i pulled my jacket off of myself and laid it over Rikki's shoulders, she turned around and looked at me "Niall?" "Yeah" i answered myself now starting to shiver "dont give me your jacket, you'll catch a cold, your wearing a singlet" she took the jacket off her shoulders and wrapped it around me "then what are you going to have" i asked "Skin. What else" she laughed trying to not make her teeth chatter.

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