This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Rikki's Pov Part 2

After that Harry thanked me about a million times. and then left to go find Louis, I got a little bit hot because my jacket was really thick so I took it off and left it on a nearby fence, I noticed a man in a caravan giving away ice-creams.. I guess I wouldn't mind a cookies and cream Sundae, I thought to myself. I walked over to the caravan and reached into my pocket and pulled out my purse, I looked at the price of the sundae, $2.50, I payed the money and the man gave me my ice- cream, "Thank you" I took I from him and turned back around, In this area of the carnival there weren't really good places to sit "Um excuse me? Do you know where some good places to sit are? To eat?" I asked the ice cream man "Just turn around the corner ad you will find an open area full of park benches there" I thanked the man and went the way.

when I arrived at the area I chose the cleanest park bench then and sat down, I looked around at the other people sitting at their benches, most people were with their Boyfriends or their Girlfriends their were approximately 13 benches and they were literally full of relationships, but one bench stood out from the others, On the bench just across from me sat a lonely boy with bright blonde hair with tints of brown and bright blue eyes eating a burger. "Niall"? I whispered to myself. I Quickly finished my ice cream and walked over to him, he noticed me and smiled at waved, I waved back and sat next to him. "Why so lonely Horan" I asked him "Theres nothing to do." Niall sighed, I looked around the area and just at the corner amongst the trees was a big glowing dodgy sign saying: haunted house. "Ohhh that looks cool" I said pointing at the sign.

Ever since I was young I loved horror movies anything like that, I could take anything gruesome. "The haunted house?" Niall asked "Yeah the haunted house" I answered "Um do we have to.." He said looking at his knees "Well you were the one who said there was nothing to do.. Have you already been in there" "No.. And im not exactly counting on it" He told me "But I want to go, come on you know its all fake, and just a show, just laugh and you will be fine" Niall shook his head furiously. "Pleeeeaaasseee" I begged... "You can hold my hand.. And I will think of something else to pay you back afterwards" I pleaded, "Fine" He mumbled and stood up and we both walked over to the haunted house among the trees.

once we approached it Niall gave a step back "Niall" I grabbed his hand and squeezed it, and he looked up and smiled at me and kept walking forward, there was a lady sitting at a small table taking in the tickets to go into the haunted house. "2 Tickets please" The lady handed us 2 tickets and me and Niall opened the door to go into the house "I changed my mind" Niall whispered his voice shaking but I managed to grab hold of his shirt and pull him through the door, Everything was pitch black but there was green and purple neon lights glowing up ahead, I led Niall down the dark alley, I laced my hands through his tight. Suddenly where the glowing purple and green light flickered and a figure emerged from around the corner, Niall stopped a few times in his tracks "Niall just keep walking, you know they are fake, they wont do anything to us" he nodded in respond, the figure finally came into full view and it turned out to be a zombie, it walked up to us and just stood there watching us walk past. suddenly we finally came to the end of the alley and turned the corner, my eyes widened, maybe i was fearful of horrors...

before me and Niall was a nursery room for children, the room was completely messy and had dolls and stuff laying everywhere, the room was small through so i was probably going to be ok, me and Niall walked past a childrens bed when a bloody hand reached out from underneath and grabbed my leg. i screamed and Niall stepped on the hand really hard "Fuck off!" he yelled his voice still shaky, the hand let go of me and we both exited the room to the next room ahead of us.

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