This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Rikki's Pov

I waited for Liam's secret "I like you a lot..." He grabbed my hand and held it tight, suddenly I heard someone shout down from above us "Ahem" we both separated hands and looked up to see Niall looking down at us practically hanging over his carriage, I looked at Liam "Sorry" he said awkwardly.. "No no its ok" I smiled and he smiled back, the feris wheel suddenly went back into action again and we were slowly going back to the ground, when we got off the Feris wheel, Niall kept on giving me weird looks, sad looks that made me feel guilty for some reason, "Uh... So... Um what next" I asked trying to wash away the guiltiness. The boys went quiet "Maybe we could split up for a while" Louis said, "Yeah great idea" I replied, "Ill go back to the bumper cars, I gotta up my game" Zayn said, "Well im starving so ill go get some food" Niall groaned, "Im gonna go with Zayn" Louis smiled, everyone looked at Harry and me "Ill just chill out with Rikki" Harry said calmly, I nodded and we all split up.

"So are we just going to walk around the theme park" Harry laughed "Well no... I did have a thought, maybe we could go on the roller coaster?" Harrys face went pale and he stopped in his tracks "Harry?? Are you ok?" I asked worried, "Yeah... Its just.. Im not a huge fan of roller coasters" Harry gulped "Oh come on you'll have me!" I smiled and rubbed his back. "No... I'd rather just walk around thanks" Harry laughed embarrassed, I stood there and crossed my arms and pouted, then I moved my hands up to my face and pretended to cry. I heard quick footsteps approach me "Im sorry, im sorry, im sorry! Ill go but you owe me big big big time" Harry yelled shaking me, I uncovered my face and jumped onto him in a hug, "Yay, come on lets go" I grabbed on to Harrys arm and dragged him to the roller coaster, I payed for 2 tickets and we both got into a cart.

Harry was shaking violently, and I saw a tear dribble from his eye "Oh it will be ok" I said and held Harrys hand tight, the roller coaster started to move and Harry squeezed my hand really tight, it hurt but I held in the pain because I didn't want to upset him "Rikki" He whispered as it got faster "Yes" I replied "I love y-" but just as he spoke the roller coaster went down a super steep track and sped faster than lightning and Harry let go of my hand and hugged me, or should I say squeezed me. We did some loops and more steep dips and Harry slowly got use to it "WWOO" He cheered, with a great almighty smile on his face, I was so proud of him, when the track came to an end, we ended up where we started. Harry got off the roller coaster first then helped me off "That... Was... AWESOME!" Harry jumped waving his hands in the air "Gosh, seems like you had a better time than me on it, anyway what do I owe you" I smirked "Owe you?" He said confused. "You said I owed you to go on the roller coaster" "Nah your awesome! Im so glad I let you put me on the cart!"

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