This book contains explicit language and sexual scenes throughout the story that should not be read by a younger reader, if this is not your thing I advise you to not read but if it is then..... Read on x


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Niall's Pov

I wiped away my laughing tears we walked along to a bus stop on the other side of the road. We waited about 13 minutes and then the bus had finally arrived, we all payed and got on. Zayn sat next to Liam, Harry sat next to Louis and i sat next to Rikki, suddenly th bus slowed to a stop again, and a tall boy walked on. Rikki gasped and started waving madly at him, and he smiled and waved back. "Whos he??" i asked confused "Oh thats Jasper!" she whispered excitdedly to me, i scanned the tall guy up and down, he had goldish blonde hair that was brushed to the side and he was quite tanned and had bright green eyes "Oh... Cool... Is he from your hometown" I asked "Yes he is.. I didnt know he was here" after that i got quite annoyed.

When we arrived at the carnival ground all of us gasped. outside the bus windows was a large field and on that field was the huge carnival, Rikki pulled out the slip from her pocket, "here are the things that we can do there": Feris Wheel, Photo Booth, Roller Coaster, Food, Bumper Cars, Magic Show, Miniture Circus, Horse Rides, Haunted House, And more, OMG im so excited!!!!!" all of us ran out of the bus and totally forgot about the jasper jerk dude. We pushed past the people in the crowd all holding hands so we couldnt loose each other. "What should we do first?!' Liam asked, all of us looked around the theme park looking for something to start on. "Uh guys are you all crazy bumper cars of course?!" Rikki laughed and we all went to the bumper cars.

"Should we share??" Zayn asked "No lets all battle eachother" Rikki said, the cars were all rainbow order so we each got to pick a colour that we wanted, Rikki chose Blue, I chose Orange, Harry chose green, Louis chose red, Liam chose purple and Zayn chose Yellow. We all started at different corners of the course then Liam yelled "1.. 2.. 3.. GO" and we all raced around the track trying our hardest to not be bumped and to bump someone. My target was Zayn, he seemed to be the easy one, Zayn suddenly turned around and noticed i was behind him "Ah" he yelled as he saw me "Watch out im coming" I laughed at him, finally i bumped into Zayn "Damn it" Zayn yelled and i laughed, Suddenly the bumper cars stopped and the owners of them waved us out, "Awe i was having so much fun." Rikki pouted.

"What to do now" Zayn asked jumping up and down, "How about... Maybe the feris Wheel??" Louis said we all nodded and went to the feris wheel which was the easiest thing to find cause it was so big and you could seeit from every part of the field. We all got to the feris wheel and sat on a little carrige that could only carry 2. We didnt exactly get to choose who we sat with which was really fucking gay. Rikki sat with Liam, I sat with Zayn, and as usual Harry sat with Louis. We started to move into the air and all i did was stare at Rikki with Liam beneath me, Rikki looked scared and Liam was doing nothing about it, i needed to be there to comfort her, finally Liam noticed her fear and wrapped an arm around her i listened carefully "Rikki you look terrified" Liam said worried "Yeah i am.. I dont like heights.. Well i do.. I just yeah i dont know.." Liam held her face "If I tell you something i havent told anyone will you feel better??" Liam asked her "Tell me.. And we will see" She smirked suddenly feeling better.

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