That one afternoon

Angelica is not considered 'popular' in her school. Kids bully her because she is not exactly perfect. But what happens when she runs into THE Harry Styles? Will she fall to fast? Will fists be thrown? Will this relationship last or will Harry Styles break the heart of a sweet innocent girl?


6. Telling Hannah



    *Harry's POV*


    When I saw Angel (my nickname for her because she looks like an angel!) my heart skipped a beat she was just so perfect with long light brown curls that go over her shoulders and hazel brown eyes. It's funny that I love her but I don't know her name! Wait, did I just say I love her. I never believed in love at first sight until I met her. Stop it Harry. You don't even know her name! Okay just wait for the text now.


    *Angelica's POV*


    I decided to text hannah and proceed with Harry's and my plan.


    A: hey come over? I need to tell you something. 

               xx Angelica

    H: yea sure.

         xx Hannah

    A: this is urgent come over N.O.W

    H: KK

      ***5 minutes later***


    "What was so urgent you couldn't wait to tell me?" Hannah said while walking through my flat's door.

    "I met Harry Styles!!!!!" I half said half squealed. 

    "Yeah right!" She said to me in disbelief. I decided to text Harry now.

    Angel ;-) : Time for you to call :-)!!!

    Harry <3 : yep make sure to put me on speaker!!!!

    Angel ;-) : I won't!!!!! Oh and by the way my name is Angelica but you can call me Angel!!

    Harry <3: kk Angel ;-)!!!

 I started to get the call from Harry.


    "You don't believe me? Look he's calling right now, I'll put him on speaker!" I told Hannah. Our 'phone call' went like this.


    A: hey Harry!

    H: heya, want to go out for dinner today? You can bring Hannah.

    A: yeah thats cool.

    H: will 6:30 work?

    A: yeah that's fine with me

    "Omg! I can't believe I didn't believe you!!!" Hannah half screamed half squealed. 

 I looked at the clock, 5:20 great that leaves me an hour and 10 minutes.

    "Yeah, whatever go home and get ready!!" I said to her.

    "Okay, number 1, rude, number 2, bossy, number 3, sassy!" She said  back to me. I laughed then pushed her out the door. I looked back at the clock, 5:30, great.

 I went upstairs to my room (A/N her parents are out) I grabbed a bra, some undies, a owl crop top, and some high waisted light wash ripped jeans. Fancy, I know. I went into my bathroom. I took a quick shower. I got out of the shower. I blow dried my long curly hair that goes down to the middle of my back. I puton light makeup. This consisted of winged eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. Then I put on my outfit.


                      DING DONG.

 They're here


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