That one afternoon

Angelica is not considered 'popular' in her school. Kids bully her because she is not exactly perfect. But what happens when she runs into THE Harry Styles? Will she fall to fast? Will fists be thrown? Will this relationship last or will Harry Styles break the heart of a sweet innocent girl?


4. Oh. My. God.



    *Angelica's POV*


     I was walking home from graduation in my gown and hat. I heard a thump It sounds like someone fell I look up and find that it's just some kid playing a practical joke. Haha.

    I bumped into someone and drop all my papers. I go down to get them.


    "Sorry, let me get that" a husky male voice said.

    "No it's fine" I said.

    "Did you graduate?" The husky voice asks me.

    "Yeah" I said. I looked up and guess what I saw or who I saw. The Harry Styles. Oh my god.

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