That one afternoon

Angelica is not considered 'popular' in her school. Kids bully her because she is not exactly perfect. But what happens when she runs into THE Harry Styles? Will she fall to fast? Will fists be thrown? Will this relationship last or will Harry Styles break the heart of a sweet innocent girl?


7. He didn't just...yes he did.



***Harry's POV***


    When I saw Angel there, I couldn't stop staring. I think the boys, and her noticed, because Niall nudged me and smirked. Angel and I both started blushing.


    "Harry's got a crush!" The boys started chanting. Angel and I started blushing a deep red, her red was much deeper though.

    "You guys are so childish it's kinda cute!" I blushed...again. And of course the boys noticed.

    "You are permitted to date her Hazza" Liam whispered in my ear.

 Angel was beautiful. She was wearing an owl crop top. High waisted light wash ripped jeans. And she had on winged eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss.

 I was just wearing a white v-neck shirt and dark jeans. Liam, Zayn, Niall was the same. Louis on the other hand was wearing a striped shirt and red too-short jeans. He was staring at I think Angel's BFF... Hannah I think it was.

 She was Wearing a black crop top with smiley faces all over it, and she was wearing a high waisted leather skirt. And she was wearing gold eyeshadow,  eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. Wow I said she was wearing a lot!

 Hannah is blushing, they are gonna get together! Oh and did I say that Angel was wearing white wood wedges.


    "We should get going!" Hannah said.


    ***Angelica's POV***


    "We should get going!" Hannah said.

    "Yeah" Niall said.

    "Where are we going anyway?" I asked. 

    "Nandos!!!!!" Niall screamed at the top of his lungs. Me and Hannah started to giggle. 

    "What" he asked.

    "Nothing," I said. We started to walk to Harry's car. Harry walked towards me. 

    H: hey

    A: hi

    H: how was school.

    A: terrible

    H: why I loved high school

    A: well you were probably popular!

    H: you weren't popular

    A: no...why?

    H: because I would suspect that a beautiful girl like you would be popular!

    "I'm not beautiful" I said under my breath. He didn't answer. Soon enough I felt a pair of plump lips on mine. He didn't just...yes he did.

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