That one afternoon

Angelica is not considered 'popular' in her school. Kids bully her because she is not exactly perfect. But what happens when she runs into THE Harry Styles? Will she fall to fast? Will fists be thrown? Will this relationship last or will Harry Styles break the heart of a sweet innocent girl?


3. Graduation



    *Hannah's POV*


    Graduation! Yay! Finally! I am finally getting out of the nightmare people call high school! Me and Angelica are now best friends and we're graduating!!!!!!

    My iPhone started ringing I looked at the caller ID. 


                 ANGELICA ANDINO

    I quickly answered without hesitation. 


    H: hello?

    A: hey bae!

    H: hey how are you?!?

    A: I'm good! Ready for graduation?!?

    H: YES!!!! Finally getting out of that death trap!!!!

    A: you get me.

    H: well I have to go...(sigh)... bye.

    A: aww... bye.


     Then we both hung up.




    *Angelica's POV*


    Here I am in my gown and hat sitting next to Hannah!


    "Are you ready!! I am!!!!" Hannah asked me.

    "Totally ready!!" I told her back.

    "Kourtney James!" Mrs.Tjaden our principal said. Kourtney was two seats away from me. Kourtney stood up her smile totally forced and evil. She snatched her diploma from Mrs.Tjaden. She smiled out to the audience and did a small curtsy.


    "Hannah Tibbs!" Mrs.Tjaden said. Hannah stood up and walked on stage. Mrs.Tjaden gave Hannah her diploma. She smiled to the audience and gave a curtsy.

    "Angelica Lanadolis!" Mrs.Tjaden said. I stood up suddenly becoming very nervous. I walked on stage. Mrs.Tjaden gave me my diploma. I went to the center of the stage. I looked around in the audience. There she was. Mum. She was sitting with my twin cousins Ashley and Michelle Pereis also in thier gown and hat. I smiled at them and did a curtsy. I walked off the stage.


    "I'm so proud of you!!!!" Mum said to me. 

    "I'm finally free!!" I said.

    "Tell me about it!!!!" Hannah, Ashley, and Michelle said at the same time.

    "Jinx, haha you guys owe me 5 dollars!!" Hannah said to Ashley and Michelle. I. Am. Finally. Free.

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