The New Teacher

Mackenzie falls in love with her new math teacher, Mr.Horan, when she soon realizes hes not who he says he is. He takes her on his journey with some friends, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. Will she survive the madness? Read "The New Teacher" to find out!:)xx


9. Nandos

Hey Guys! There Is A Small "Intimate" Moment In This Chapter!

{Getting On The Plane}

 *Niall's P.O.V.*
Being surrounded by girls as we took our seats, the flight attendent told them to go back to their seats as the plane was about to take off. All a sudden a beautiful voice spoke, "So why didnt anyone reconize you at school?" 
"Well some girls came up to me and asked. I told them that their thought was crazy and i got that all the time, and they acutally boought it!". "Wow! Girls at school are dumb!" she said while strokingmy hair. It kinda turned me on. 
"Passengers, you are now free to move about." 
"Lets w-" Being cut off by her pulling my arm. There was a short line that moved quickly. The last person came out and we both walked in. 

*Mackenzie's P.O.V.*
Walking into the bathroom i was surprised. It was bigger than most bathrooms on a plane, its perfect for moving around, if you know what i mean.
"So what are we doing in here?" -Niall. 
"Well i was kinda turned on when you were talking. Your voice gets the best of me!" I said winking.
"Oh and dont forget about my georgious features!" Niall said while posing like a model.
"Duhh! How could i forget that!" -Mackenzie
Round 3!

{After That Moment<3}

We walked back to our seats when all heads turned. 
"Heey everyone! Vas Happenin'?!" -Mackenzie. Keeping our heads high, we made our way to our seats and sat down. 

{In London} 

 "We are going to go to the lads house if thats okay?"-Niall
"Yeah thats fine. As long as i get some sleep." We both laughed. 
"WAIT! STOP!" Niall screamed.
"Oh my god Niall! Really? Nandos?"
"Hell Yeah! Come on!" Niall said as i was laughing.
We finally go done eating and headed towards the door. However as we were about to exit the door, Serena walks in!

AHHH! What Do You Think Serena Is Doing There?! Write A Comment And Tell Me!:) xx
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