The New Teacher

Mackenzie falls in love with her new math teacher, Mr.Horan, when she soon realizes hes not who he says he is. He takes her on his journey with some friends, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. Will she survive the madness? Read "The New Teacher" to find out!:)xx


4. Much, Much,Much, MUCH Later

Heey Guys! This Chapter Has An "Intimate" Moment! Its Not Detailed Though!!!

{End Of Math

*Mackenzie's P.O.V.* 
"Hey pick me up at my house at 4:00." I said to Mr.Horan before leaving the classroom. "Got it love" He replied. I'm going to give it to him, in a special way!

*Niall's P.O.V.*
Pick her up? Why didn't she want to ride with me? Maybe today is going to be the day! 
(By The Way it Is Friday)

{3:27pm, After School!!<3} 

I decided to go to Mackenzie's house to pick her up, even though it is still early. 
*Ding Dong* 
Mackenzie walked out in the most sexiest outfit ever! Now i know why she wanted me to pick her up! She pulled me inside. "Hey Baby!" She said while playing with my hair in a circular motion. I knew what she wanted, i wanted to give it to her, but... "Are you sure you wanna do this?" I asked her. "Definitely!!" She Replied as she locked her lips with mine.
*A While After!!;)* 
"We should do this more often!" I said panting. "AGREED!!" 

*Mackenzie's P.O.V.*
Wow! It was almost what i expected. But better!. He was really, REALLY good in bed! Plus he looks good naked! "We cant let this get out! This can only stay between you and me! Got it?" I said. "Got it! Where are your parents though?"."Oh they're out on a trip for 2 weeks.". "Ohhhhh, Mm mm!" He said walking closer and closer. 
*Much, Much, Much, MUCH Later*
"Perfect!" I managed to say. "Yes, Yes You Are!" Niall said before we both fell asleep in each others arms! 

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