The New Teacher

Mackenzie falls in love with her new math teacher, Mr.Horan, when she soon realizes hes not who he says he is. He takes her on his journey with some friends, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. Will she survive the madness? Read "The New Teacher" to find out!:)xx



*Austin's P.O.V.*
Calling over these two girls who were going crazy. As they walked up, i saw that they were hot! The one with the brown hair got me mainly. She just had a way of acting. I was in London for a concert. I was leaving in a week and i had nothing to do during that time so i decided just to play out in the street and see how people acted. I was glad to have done that or i wouldn't have ever met these beautiful girls! Dave (my bodyguard) told me that it was time to do a meet up. "Can i bring some friends?" I asked. "Fine but be sure they aren't crazy!" He replied. Facing the two girl i asked if they would like to come along. They agreed. 

{On The Way To The Meet Up} 

"So what are your Guy's names?" -Austin.
"Im Mackenzie and thats Serena" -Mackenzie.
"Cute Names! What are you guys doing here in London, you don't seem to have an accent."-Austin
"We are actually here with our boyfriends."-Serena. Seriously! The two hottest girls in London, and they have boyfriends. Just my luck..
"Oh Cool.. Do i know them?" I said jokingly.
"Oh you just might, you know One Direction?" -Mackenzie.
"Yes ma'am i do" -Austin.
"Well I'm dating Niall Horan!" -Mackenzie.
"And im dating Harry Styles!!" -Serena. No way! They cant be dating them! 
"Are you serious?! Ive hung out with them once and they are really cool!" -Austin.
"Yes sir! They are out to an interview, they will be back soon. So we are just passing the time by shopping. Or in this case, hanging out with you!!- Mackenzie.
"Ha ha yeah, so are you guys fans?" -Austin.
"HELL YES!" Both Mackenzie and Serena said. 
"Great! Well you girls seem cool, sweet and trustworthy! So take my number if you wanna chill together." I said while taking their phones and placing my number in them. 

{At The Meet Up}

*Serena's P.O.V.*
Walking out of the van, both mine and Mackenzie's face dropped. Thousands and thousands of fans filled the streets. Cops controlling them, you could tell they were aggravated. There was a HUGE stage on the side of the streets. Austin soon-ed appears on it with security beside him. He grabbed a microphone and spoke. 
"Hey Mahomies! How You Guys Doing? Ready To Get This Meet And Greet Started?!" -Austin.
"YEAHHH!!" The Mahomies shouted. One by one they walked up the stage with their cameras ready and posters of Austin waiting to be signed. As each of them walked off, tears were running down their faces. 
"BEEPP, BEEEPPPPPP!!!" A car beeped. Looking over i saw The boys. Waving, they parked the car and made their way towards me and Mackenzie. Soon girls noticed them and ran to them. Security pushed them aside to give us room. A huge circle of girls surrounded us. This was actually creepy. Just each and every girl watching your every move, making comments.. that were VERY rude. Looking down at the ground Harry saw something was wrong. He placed his hand under my chin to lift my head up. He looked worried. 
"CALL AN AMBULANCE" Was a faint sound i heard from Harry. Next thing i knew, everything went black..

OH NO SERENA!!! What Do You Think Happened To Her?! Chapter Fifteen Coming Sooner Than You Think!
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