The New Teacher

Mackenzie falls in love with her new math teacher, Mr.Horan, when she soon realizes hes not who he says he is. He takes her on his journey with some friends, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. Will she survive the madness? Read "The New Teacher" to find out!:)xx


13. Austin Mahone!

*Mackenzie's P.O.V.*
It felt weird kissing Zayn! I could tell Niall didn't like it. Releasing from the kiss i made my way back to my seat on the floor where i turned my head and Niall's face was filled with rage towards Zayn. Looking back at Zayn he had such a strange look on his face. It made me uncomfortable. His eyes were full of lust, i knew what that meant, and so did Niall.. All the rest of the boys and Serena were looking back and forth at me, Niall and Zayn. 
"Awkward silence!" Liam said getting up, scratching his head and making his way to the bedroom upstairs. It was now 2:04 in the morning. "GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!" Liam yelled as he closed the door behind him. 
"Well we better be getting to bed, night guys." Harry said while picking Serena up bridal style.
"Gosh Harry really! You so silly! Night!" Serena said while laying her head on Harry chest. 
"Lets go Zayn, time for bed." Louis said trying to draw his attention to Zayn.
"Yeah, bedtime Zayn. Leave." Niall said in an angry voice.
"Shut the hell up Niall, no one was talking to you!" Zayn said making his way to his room with Louis. Niall began to get up and make his way to Zayn when i grabbed him. 
"Niall dont, it wont solve anything! It meant nothing to me! You are the only one i want!!" I said hugging him tightly. I felt something we on my shoulder. Pulling away, I saw Niall crying. 
"Niall! Whats Wrong?!?" I said worriedly.
"Its just, you are the only girl that likes me for me! And when i saw you kissing Zayn, i just felt weird, like you were being pulled away from me. I felt like i was loosing the most wonderful girl in the world!."-Niall
"Niall you need to understand that i dont like you.. i fucking LOVE you! and you will never loose me! I will be right here, with you.. Always!" -Mackenzie. I felt a tear run down my face. Next thing I knew Niall picked me up and we went to bed. Kissing him softly, we fell asleep in each others arms.

{The Next Day}

Waking up to the warmth by the sun in my face, i turned and notice Niall wasn't there. Getting up i put on my short-shorts on and walked into the bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror, i say a note on my for head that said "Morning Beautiful, sleep well? Me and the boys had some interviews today and will be back home soon. I made some breakfast for you, its in the kitchen.  Love Lots - Niall xx". Well what am i going to do today. Making my way out to the kitchen i saw Serena in the kitchen. She was about to eat my breakfast the Niall made when i stopped her. 
"Hey! Thats MINEEEE!! Niall made it for me!" -Mackenzie
"Oh sorry!" Serena said when she stole a bacon from my plate. 
"So what are we going to do today while the boys are gone?" -Mackenzie
"Wanna go shopping?" -Serena
"Sure!" -Mackenzie. We both walked back into the our rooms and changed. Walking back out i saw Serena by the front door. 
"Ready to go?" -Serena 
"Yup!"-Mackenzie. We saw a crowd of girls by the fountain. Wondering what was going on we both walked over there. Hearing a beautiful voice we stepped closer and saw Austin Mahone singing into a microphone. Shocked at what we saw, Austin noticed us acting crazy and called us over. 

What Do You Think Austin Is Going To Say To Mackenzie And Serena?! Will He Take A Liking Into Them? Will He Want To Hang Out With Them?!
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