The New Teacher

Mackenzie falls in love with her new math teacher, Mr.Horan, when she soon realizes hes not who he says he is. He takes her on his journey with some friends, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. Will she survive the madness? Read "The New Teacher" to find out!:)xx


8. Alex

(Continuation Of Chapter Seven)

See my ex went to jail for abusing me and raping the shit outta me. I wished that i would never see him again after the court date. "Hey there doll face. Long time no see. Your coming with me!" he commanded while grabbing my arm and practiclly dragging me. "ALEX STOP! LET GO OF ME!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. 

*Nialls P.O.V.* 
"ALEX STOP! LET GO OF ME!!" I heard a familiar voice yell. "Oh No! Mackenzie!" i thought to myself . Running outside i saw Mackenzie stuggling to get away from a guy. "GET THE HELL OFF HER!" I yelled. He looked up and looked surpised. "Oh no, he knows.." i thought to myself. His grad was weak enough for Mackenzie to run where i was standing. "HA! Wow Mackenzie! Your dating a gay guy from One Direction. Not Surprised!" he shouted. "Shit! I wasnt ready to tell her that i was in One Direction." 
All of a sudden the police showed up and took Alex back to jail. "Sorry for all the problems he must have caused. He escaped from jail this morning and we have been looing for him all day. Have a good night!" The officer said as he got in his car and drove away,


{Heading To The Airport} 


 The car ride was silent. I could tell Mackenzie was pissed at me, i would be. "Im sorry" i said strongly. "How could you now tell me?!" She yelled. "How could i have not know?!?" she muttered to herself. "Babe i swear i was going to tell you! I-I just didnt want you to like me just because i was in a popular boyband.". "Im not mad at you... I'm just mad at myself for not knowing! I fangirl over you guys EVERYDAY! Im so STUPID!!" She explained. Right at the moment i stopped the car, and moved to the side. "Now look at me. You are NOT stupid! You are the most perfect girl alive! I would do anything for you!" I reasured her. She looked at me with her sparkly hazel eyes. Moving our heads closer, we kissed. We could both feel the sparks. Now we only had 12 minutes to get to the airport. Starting the car, we continued to drive. 

Wow! So Alot Of Things Happened In This Chapter! What Do You Think So Far?:) xx
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