The New Teacher

Mackenzie falls in love with her new math teacher, Mr.Horan, when she soon realizes hes not who he says he is. He takes her on his journey with some friends, Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. Will she survive the madness? Read "The New Teacher" to find out!:)xx


20. A Familiar Face

*Zayn's P.O.V.*
As soon as the doctor walked in, the room was silent. We were all anxious to find out some information on Mackenzie. He slowly opened his mouth and said
"Well.. she.. is... going... to.. be fine! She will just have to stay over night just to be sure." -Doctor. What a relief, i couldn't live without seeing Mackenzie. She was a part of my life now, and nothing could change that!

{Later That Night}

*Niall's P.O.V.* 
It was 1:23am and everyone has gone home. I was sitting in Mackenzie's room when i saw her flutter her eyes. She slowly turned her head to face me. Her eyes opened wide and she tried to move but the pain she faced was unbearable. I walked over to her and kissed her forehead. 
"Mackenzie," I began, "How are you feeling?"
"Terrible, but now that you are here, i feel fine!" -Mackenzie. This made me blush. She was so beautiful even with her face full of scratches.
"You are coming back home tomorrow! I am going to take good care of you!" -Niall.
"I know you are! And um Niall i have to tell you something.." She began. 
"Yes?" -Niall
"The reason i am in here, is because Austin kissed me." -Mackenzie
"WHAT?!" I yelled. "I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!!! He did this to you!"- Niall
"Babe don't worry, i didn't kiss him back, i ran to you. I didn't see the car coming and i got hit. Don't blame it on anyone! Just let it go, he isn't going to be in my life anymore.. I am going to have to brake it to him.." She said as she sat up. She pointed to her phone and i gave it to her. She hit each letter slowly. It brought her pain. I took it away from her and typed for her. Hitting the 'send' button, i crawled in bed with her and we fell asleep in each others arms. 

{1 Year After The Accident}

*Mackenzie's P.O.V.*
I couldn't believe that Niall and i are getting married today! Its a dream come true! Even though Austin was out of my life since that day in the hospital, i still sent him an invitation, hoping he would come. Niall didn't know so i was a little worried. 
"Ready for this?" Serena asked as she put a beaded clip in my hair. 
"Yes! I'm nervous, is that normal?" -Mackenzie
"Ha ha yes! I was the same way!" -Serena. See Harry and Serena had their wedding a while after the accident, so she gave me some advice to help calm my nerves. 
"Its time boo-boo." Liam said. He is starting to call me 'boo-boo' because i get boo-boos almost everyday. 
"Yes, lets go!" I said as he wrapped his arm around mine. Listening to the peaceful music playing, the church doors flew opened. Each and every person in the crowd stood up as we began to walk out. Niall'd face glowed as he saw me. With each step i took, my nerves began to go away. Liam then brought me up to Niall and we began. 

*While Later*

"You may now kiss the bride!". And with that Niall dipped me and kissed me roughly.

{Reception Party}

Talking to every person that was there, i met eyes with a familiar face. Austin. 

Uh Oh! Do You Think Austin Will Make A Scene? UPDATING NOW!
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