Mackenzie Jones is a female singing phenomenon. Harry Styles is in the world'a most famous boy band. These two have a past and used to talk to each other 24/7. Now they don't speak to each other at all. This is wearing Mackenzie and Harry down. What happens when one of them finally breaks?


1. Mackenzie's Horrible Past

"Mom, I don't want to school. These boys are always ---" Young Mackenzie started to say before her mother rudely cut her off. "You're going to school you little b*****d!" she screamed. She threw her arm back, but before it could hit her Mackenzie managed to run out the door to the bus stop just when her bus was pulling up. Her mother was the worst person on the planet. Every time Mackenzie came home from elementary school her mother was either at a strip club or banging some guy she met at the bar the night before. She treated Mackenzie like she was a rebirth of Satan's daughter. "If only my dad were here. Mackenzie thought with a sigh. Mackenzie looked around at the people on the bus. They were staring at her with the same wide-eyed lovesick expression. Mackenzie didn't have any friends, but she sure did have a ton of people crushing on her. Every single day at least ten people, both girls and boys asked her out. Literally every single kid in her school was in love with her, or at least third through fifth. She never realized why people acted like this around her. She had many scars. Her hair wasn't ever all the way brushed. Plus, nobody even knows anything about her. She never thought she was pretty. Suddenly she realized the blood stain on her forehead caused by her mom last night. She covered it up with her hand all day so none of the teachers would see it. Mackenzie couldn't even imagine the horrible things her mother would do to her if her teachers found out.

*Time Skip: 2 hours later*

The teacher has been out of the room for an hour now, so the student teacher had to take over. Today was the student teacher's first day, and anyone could tell by just a glance that she was nervous. Her voice trembled each word she spoke, hands shaking slightly. It worried Mackenzie that her teacher has been gone this long. Did she go outside and lost in the woods in the back of the school? Did she get shot? Did she get fired? Questions raced through Mackenzie's mind until her thoughts were disturbed by the bell which indicates that an announcement is about to come on. "Mackenzie Diana Jones, please come to the office." the intercom said. Mackenzie was worried that she'd gotten in trouble for something. What would she have gotten in trouble for? Did they see the blood stain and thought she got into a fight with a kid at school? Questions raced through her mind once again as she opened the office door, finding the principal and her teacher standing at the front desk. "Hello there, Miss Mackenzie. I know you might be thinking you are in trouble, but you aren't. Follow me and your teacher into the counselor's office please." the principal said. She followed the two adults past many rooms until they arrived to the counselor's office. In the desk they found a pale woman with blonde hair and freckles, who was the new counselor the school hired. "This is the new counselor, Mackenzie. We've found you've been acting quite odd today and we've put the pieces together from other days and discovered that you may need to speak to the counselor." Mackenzie's teacher explained. Mackenzie understood that this was about covering up the blood stain, and acting weird about her mom. "Oh no." Mackenzie thought. She started to shake a bit. "We'll just stand by the door so you can talk to her alone. Okay?" the principal said. "Y-Yes s-sir." Mackenzie said, voice trembling just like the student teacher's voice had earlier. The two left the room and shut the door behind themselves, leaving only the counselor and her. "Have a seat please, Mackenzie." the counselor said. Mackenzie did what the counselor asked. "I've noticed you have your hand on your forehead. Care to explain why?" the counselor asked. "Um... I'm u-uh, little too scared to explain." Mackenzie stuttered. "Can you take your hand off your forehead please?" the counselor asked. Mackenzie hesitated for a second and then took her hand off her forehead, revealing dried blood and a huge blue welt. "Who did this to you?" the counselor asked, eyes widening with shock. "M-My mother did it." Mackenzie said. Why was she telling her this? Was she trying to get her mom to kill her? "Tell me what else she has done to you." the counselor said. Mackenzie explained about how her father died and her mother's hatred for her. This wasn't even half of what she's done to her. "I'm going to step out the door for a second to talk to your teacher. I will be back soon. Stay here please." the counselor said. "Okay." Mackenzie replied. The counselor walked out shutting the door behind her. Mackenzie tried not to cry. She could barely make out what they were saying. "All this pain for a little girl." She heard. "So that's what all the strange scars are from. "She's a bit depressed." The teacher poked her head in. "Mackenzie, come with us please. Her teacher said. She followed the three to the front desk. "We are going to call your mom, find out what she's been doing with you, ect." The principal said. He began dialing the number. No answer. He tried again. No answer. He gave up on the eleventh try. "We might be up here a while, so the student teacher is going to have to take over the rest of the day. I'll call the room and let her know." the principal said. A minute later he came back. The rest of the day was spent trying to get a hold of someone. By the time Mackenzie's bus left, she was still in the office with all three of the adults. "I'm guessing we'll just have to take her to the police station. After all, her mother has been committing child abuse on her, and legal action can and should be taken." the teacher said. "Good idea. Mackenzie, get your bookbag from the room. You are coming with us." the principal said. Mackenzie went to the room to get her bookbag, and came to the front yard of the school where they were now standing. Mackenzie got into the car with them and went to the police station.

*Time Skip: 30 Minutes Later*

"So your mother did all of this?" the officer asked Mackenzie. "Yes sir." Mackenzie replied. "I'll try calling her." the officer said. After 17 tries she didn't answer. "We are going to have to go to her house." the officer told the principal. The principal gave the address that was stored in Mackenzie's files and they drove in the police car to Mackenzie's house.

*they get to her house*

"Open up, it's the police." shouted the officer as he knocked on the door. "Yeah f***ing right!" Mackenzie's mom shouted back. The police opened the door with a bang, revealing Mackenzie's mom half naked with a beer bottle in her hand with a guy. "Just what I thought. Ma'am, having you been beating up your child?" the officer asked, motioning to a frightened Mackenzie. "F**k yeah, I hate that son of a b***h." she said. "We're going to have to arrest you for this, and put your daughter up for adoption." the officer said. "F**k you." she said to Mackenzie as they handcuffed her and took her away. Mackenzie stayed with the principal until a woman from England adopted her. Mackenzie boarded a flight to England to go live with her. "Finally," Mackenzie thought, "I'm away from all the pain."

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