5 Mates

18 year old Brittne is walking home to her doom room from starbucks but she hears a scream. what will she see? will it change her life after that day? find out in 5 Mates.


4. the secret

Brittne's pov

louis started talking to me and said..... the girl that me and harry and trapped she wants revenge on the boys and I. her name is natasha and we need some one to act like her friend so that we can kill her. so if you can help can u act like her friend so we can get to her. oh and Brittne she is a shape shifter.

Yes i will act like her friend but what do i get out of this i asked then i got a supper quick respond from Niall........ I will let u make out with me and i only let hot girls do that. and Louis will stay with Kenzie and Zayn and Celina will go to the movies and hang out for as long as they want. deal but is that all u can think of really. So when do I have start this acting thing.  soon next time u see her she goes to your school. Ok but will this end fast because if i dont like her i might kill her my self. No you cant because then they will be after you and we want them to be after us so they can die.  Wait Niall who is the they? they are .........

hey my sexy pickles i love all of u sorry i left you hanging idont know when the next chapter will be up i really dont like this book so i might stop and make a diff one 


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