5 Mates

18 year old Brittne is walking home to her doom room from starbucks but she hears a scream. what will she see? will it change her life after that day? find out in 5 Mates.


2. The Boys

Brittnes pov


i hear a knock on the door it was 5 boys two were the ones that chased me. They wondered if i was there i wanted the girls to say no but the cant read minds so they said yes. I was freaking out i thought that they were going to kill me like thy did that girl. Celina knew that i was scared and told me it was ok.

Harrys pov

I could tell she was scared when she came out i was talking to louis. hey lou i said whats up harry i think she is scared i smell it. I know she is scared harry but she will be ok. We will not hurt her.

Brittnes pov

i walked out and niall started talking to me 

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