5 Mates

18 year old Brittne is walking home to her doom room from starbucks but she hears a scream. what will she see? will it change her life after that day? find out in 5 Mates.


3. talking

Brittnes pov

Niall was talking to me and for some reason i was in a room i have never seen before. was i dead? Niall walked up to me and i started to wake up and his face was really fuzzy like a cute little puppy. NO it was not cute why was his face like that... is he a wolf.?


liam's pov

i think she is waking up Niall. what is tat sound... a phone? Really Zayn your job was to take out the phone now she is going to be woke up and we will have to tell her what is happening. louis you have to tell what is going on. No i will not Louis said. you have to you are the oldest and no one else will. ok ok i will superman to save the day. you dont have superman powers you are just a wolf. 

Brittne's pov

i woke up to them screaming at each other heard louis is a wolf i wonder if they all are i hope not i dont want to die. louis started talking to me and he said......


hey guys sorry for not updating i went back to school yesterday bc we had the weekend and then monday off and tuesday no school and today no school i will try to update again to day and if i dont sorry my hot popsicles 




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