Hidden secret | H.S

"This is the time in my life where my love for you begins to turn into hate , I got hurt once and I won't get hurt twice.''


3. H.S: Chapter Two

Hidden Secret: Chapter Two 


Everyone and I mean everyone 

That gave a meaning to 

My life are gone.

How could this have happened

I planned my whole life with Jayden 

And now he left 

Just like everyone else has.

I have no one.

But sometimes to get the best out of life

You go through some of

The worst,

Yet again no one said it would be 


I guess I'll just go








I'm so sorry I have not updated

If any of you care, but I couldn't because

I didn't have internet for the past couple of weeks.

I barley got it yesterday and yesterday was my moms birthday

Blah blah blah but yeah also I'm sorry cause these begining

Chapters will and are short because im barley starting the story

But in the future I'll try to make them way longer.

Like favorite and become a fan Thank you .

If you have any ideas or comments leave them in the

Comments . THANK YOU 



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