Hidden secret | H.S

"This is the time in my life where my love for you begins to turn into hate , I got hurt once and I won't get hurt twice.''


4. H.S: Chapter Three

Hidden Secret: Chapter Three




Well how do I start .

Ok.... when I was just three years old 

I was left in an orphanage , I mean I never knew

The reason why.


I don't remember much of my parents.

 My sister and I were very young.

But the things I did remember were the worst memories 

That live in my mind.


My sister and I always asked " Did we

Do something wrong ? " 

I mean how could we were harmless 

Children that were just searching for affection .

As I grew older I stopped asking that question , 

Now they were just a hurtful  

Memory in my heart that's it and nothing more than that.

I refused to care for them .

Why would I they threw me away like a piece of trash.


I've lived my whole life being hurt ,feeling unwanted ,

But when I started school I met 

A really cute boy named Jayden Tomacelli

You know the drill cute and popular boy 

And a nerdy antisocial girl

We started of as partners , he had this whole bad boy act 

But i didn't fall for it

I knew he was probably a really nice and sweet guy .

So I told him "I'm not one of your guy friends you don't have to act when

Your with me."

And of course he told me that he was not acting .

As the days went by I started to know the real Jayden and I liked him a lot. 

Jayden and I started to get a really great bond

And I was at that point where your like 

I really really like him but I don't want to ruin our friendship 

And I was between a rock and a hard place .

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