Hidden secret | H.S

"This is the time in my life where my love for you begins to turn into hate , I got hurt once and I won't get hurt twice.''


2. H.S: Chapter One

Hidden Secret: Chapter One



Genesis POV

Hey babe how ya doin ?

"Fine what about you?"

Well I'm much better now that your here.

"Oh yeah 'well what do you want to do?"

He asked with a smirk 

Well.....we need to talk .

"About?" He asked looking a bit worried

 I got excepted to the college in London!

"Yeah...." he said as he scratched the back of his head

What's wrong aren't you happy for me babe ?

"Genesis I knew this was going to happen!"

He said in a loud frustrated voice .

You knew what was going to happen ?

"I think its best that we end what we have now."

No it doesn't ha-

"No! Genesis I'm not going to argue about this ."

I was in shock as I saw the love of my life 

Walk away.  



                      A/N I hope you guys liked the first chapter I know it was kinda boring                                  

               but hey it will  Get better sooner or later . Please like and favorite this    

                                             story and become a fan THANK YOU . 


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