Hidden secret | H.S

"This is the time in my life where my love for you begins to turn into hate , I got hurt once and I won't get hurt twice.''


5. H.S: Chapter Four

Hidden Secret: Chapter Four




I had always been alone , well at least 

Thats the way I felt.

Yeah I has a sister but she had the same problems 

That I had with as much hurt, so....

I found comfort in him , he was someone really special to me .

But I'm pretty sure that I wasnt anything 

Special to him.


And sooner or later the nightmare had to begin.

Yes I'm talking bout 


That is all he ever talked about for like 4 days

I meant come on he practically had every 

Girl in school drooling over him .

And i was simply his class partner .

And I started feeling Fie towards him , 

I didn't want to feel that way towards him but he made me feel that.

All he talked about was how many girls 

Would ask him out blah blah blah .......

I was so pissed off but hey better be pissed off than  pissed on

I was probably going to stay home any way like always .


Speak of the devil I thought

Hi Jay what do you need, I said in a not so enthusiastic voice 

"Can I ask you something?" He said as he scratched the back of his neck.




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