We were bestfriends what now

You and justin were bestfriend bit then something change
Will they be back to be bestfriendrs they could become boyfriend and girlfriend or they could not talk never again read to now what happend??


2. its time

justin pov i think its time to tell yn that i love her that i can live without her that i want to live with her all my life. today i going to see her on my house *20 minute pass* yn is her yn: JUSTIN!!!! I AM HERE!!! justin: YN!!!! COME TO MY ROOM!!! yn: i am here justin : yn sit i have to tell you something important yn: okay justin: the thing is this i love you so much yn pov when he tell me that i cannot believe yn: ............. justin: you know what forget this yn: no no no no no justin i cannot forget this i need time to thing bye justin: okay :c justin pov why i tell her i am so stupid now i dont have yn as a bestfriend or girlfriend i start crying alot i want her to be mine
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