Its lie or its true

Its was a lie justin lie to get jealous someone he used you all his words were fake


1. You find out

Louisa POV(point of view)


Today me and justin will be together of 1 month so i was looking for him in the hotel and i didnt see him anywere so i ask a stranger if he saw him but that stranger was nash grier 

you: hi do you have seen justin

nash: yeah he went in that room

you: thanks

nash: no problem

so you walk to the room 145 oh that chaz room the door wasent complete open so you can hear what their talking about

justin: so now selena is so jealous she wants to get back to me again

chaz: cool bro but you dont have louisa 

justin: she is just a fucking slut

thats when i start crying

chaz: so when you would dump her

justin: today lets go

with that i left running away till i fell in someones arm

you: sorry

nash: its okey why are you crying

you: its a long story

nash: i have time

you: ok 

nash: lets go to the beach to talk about it

you and nash were walking to sit on the beach you tell him all the story

nash: that really sad louisa

you: yeah

nash: wanna get in the water

when you to were having fun justin just came

justin: yo bro get away from my girlfriend

you: what i not a little slut, someone u use ,you not going to break up with me today so heard this i break up with you

justin face was really confused about what happen

Justin pov

i really dont like louisa but wow those word hurt well i dont care i will ger back to selena




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